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October 19, 2016 - targetcar

Wrongfully “Term’d”

Hello! I’m writing this because my good friend/ neighbors husband was wrongfully forced to leave working for Target and basically signed his life away so he has to keep his mouth SHUT.  It’s absolutely disgusting what their family has to go through and has gone though since this happened and I couldn’t not say anything.  I was told about this site as I have had quite a few awful experiences shopping at target and enjoy hearing other people’s awful experiences so I know I’m not alone. I feel like this is a safe place to share their story

My dear friend’s husband was “pushed out”‘of the company (aka- forced to quit or else he would be fired). He was with the company for almost 10 years and gave EVERYTHING to the company just to have a new awful human being for a boss decide she just wanted a former friend/colleague  of hers to replace him.

To make a long story short, this man worked his way up the ladder. Two ETL positions, STL, and this past position he “voluntarily” quit from. He was highly highly highly respected, extremely well liked, won numerous awards, exceptional review scores, he even got to go on the private jet (I think)!  The company relocated him and his family two times, most recently a couple of years ago halfway across the country.  My friend told me he was placed in a narly district in the company but he was positive and made significant changes. There were a couple of leadership changes in his short stint with this position, and unfortunately his amazing boss left and in Entered his new boss. Apparently he had a bad vibe from her from day one and it was the first intimidating person and bad vibe he has ever experienced in almost 10 years.  As much progress as he made, it wasn’t enough for his new boss. She wanted everything her way or the highway. Micromanaged the shit out of him. Needed everything perfect which isn’t realistic. She never ever supported my friends husband, never recognized any of the good things he did and when he brought it up, she would tell him he wasn’t responsible for the good things but his STLs were. She just refuses to give him credit where credit was due. Her mind was made up about him from day one and she took ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING she could to use against him and take him to a restaurant to basically tell him to quit or be fired. A restaurant? Can you imagine?!? She blamed it on his “relationships” and on data that was unrealistic because of certain situations she was aware of. When my friends hubby had to tell his teams about his sudden departure, they were shocked sad disappointed and even had tears. Many of them told him that he was the best **** they ever had. So after 10 years with many amazing bosses and experiences, one nasty bitch comes along and in one day destroys not only my friends husband’s career, but their lives. They uprooted from their family and friends to live here for only 18ish months. A baby on the way. What type of human being does this?? The sickest part of alllll of this, is that she apparently knew his replacement since MARCH and had been planning and calculating this for quite sometime now without any warning to my friends husband. She replaced him with somebody that reported to her in her most recent past group. So so messed up.

There are some good leaders out there and unfortunately one of the good honest sincere ones was forced to leave and it’s not right.


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  • takemethere says:

    You just have to stand up these bastards and DOCUMENT DOCUMENT DOCUMENT and reach out to anyone at district or group level. Target needs to be PURGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is a special place in Hell for lots of these Target managers who have no self respect, integrity or compassion for those who are doing their job. There is corporate racism that exists with this company. They are not as inclusive as they would have us believe. Some of these stupid fucks would sells their souls to the target devil to move up within the company while sticking others with pins and needles while stomping on their backs. It is high time we target Target and get them off the grid forever. This company long stopped caring about their team members. As sales continue to be on the decline this company will perish soon enough. There are good and honest leaders at Target but one by one they are forced out and others quit. They are hiring a new breed of young shitty uncaring pushover leaders who are brainwashed but literally brain dead. They do not have the IT factor or the experience or will power to last. Fourth quarter is going to drown them all out. I do not like to swear or curse but Target is fucked because unlike in days of old they do not properly train anyone in any position properly anymore. These new hires or new team members are unfairly left left to chance. Target will never be the same again.

  • Silverfox says:

    if he's that highly respected. Find a new job. And people will follow him. He won't have to do anything.

  • TarSecret says:

    Yeah I know the feeling I worked at a really nice Target. My Team Leads all liked me which is why I trained in hard lines and consumables. One team lead did not like me but that was MY TEAM LEAD. I don't know if it was cause I was a brown Hispanic but she hated me since day one. She will always put me in the front which is the busiest. And anytime she saw me she will look at me like "ughh I want him out of here" I hated her she hated me but I needed my job for gas and my car payment. I told myself if I leave I'm going to make sure I have something lined up. She will never say "hello " to me and just ignore me at all costs. She was just a big red hair bitch!! Like I helped out in Guest Service during the holidays and she recognized everyone BUT ME. I didn't let it bother me but it still hurt, cause I can tell she did it on purpose. Telling me "I don't appreciate anything you do here" she will talk to me but only to yell the crap at me. One day I had enough I mean I was going to school 20 hours a week and one day put my 2 weeks in. Best decision I made.!! I was more happy cause I was no longer working for that bitch. I got hired at a new job recently and this job I really wanted. Point is your friend will be fine . It sucks that happen to him . But he'd find a better job, only ppl who are dumb as rocks believe Target is the only job. Target is just like Kmart well it's going there with the way they hire and making team lead based on who kisses more ass. Nd member "what goes around comes around" my team lead well she can keep target have fun working till 12am my new job closes at 6pm whoop so don't worry your friend will be fine eventually there's always that one boss who fucks up everything that's how it is tho


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