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August 14, 2012 - Redcard_Slave

Would you like a Redcard? Please sign up, they said they would kill my family if I didn’t get 2 cards before lunch!

Alright, So I get that they need to sell cards. I get that they are trying to run a business, I understand that they need to continue to afford their meaningless expensive lifestyles and make sure little Timmy gets into the private school that all of the other 1% children are going to. It’s cool. But I am so sick to death of hearing about selling red cards. I need this job. I hate to admit it but for where I am, a college student going to classes all week, it’s important to have something that pays more than minimum wage. So I go to work every weekend, I clean all the registers and stock them out of personal choice and to avoid PURE hatred to consume me before 10am because I am so done with using my energy to smile at the assholes that come into the store. After cleaning, I stand at my register, greeting every guest with a smile, mostly to be met with a sneer or in most cases nothing at all because I am trash to most people who come into the store, I am lucky to work in a store that is in the blue blood district of my lovely state. Yay! 1% fuckers buying golf balls and $70 shoes for their 3 year old, not to mention buying their food with food stamps.

Main point, I need this job, I could go on forever, and yes I already have, but I can’t get fired, FUCK the red card. IN THE ASS. Conversion rates are based on shit. The new manager is threatening everyone if they don’t sell more red cards and are enthusiastic and enjoy ripping customers off we will be fired. FUCK THEM, I wasn’t hired in a fucking sales position and I will see justice if I am fired over these fucking red cards. fuck this job. I am so glad I am able to go to college to avoid working for these asses for the rest of my life.


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