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November 5, 2009 - TargetSucks

Worst Customer Service

I bought a PS3 Slim. My old one had the YLOD/RLOD (Yellow/Red Light of Death) and over-heated and died 3 times (I repaired it each time). So I bought the PS3 Slim and was deciding whether or not to buy the 3 Year Warranty. I decided for the $30 it would cost me it would be worth it, so I went back to Target with the original receipt, and tried to purchase the warranty. None of the morons that worked there could figure how to sell the warranty even though I was told I just need to bring the receipt in to add it on within 90 days.

So the morons behind the counter tried calling the manager on duty to come help. They paged her 3 times to customer service and the lazy bitch didn’t come. Instead, she asked what they needed. They explained and she told them that if it’s not working I should drive home and bring the PS3 in. I asked the morons behind the counter “is she too lazy to come up here?” and they replied “yeah, all the managers here are really lazy, especially her.”

So they told the bitch that I wanted to speak with her and after waiting almost 10 minutes she finally came to customer service to try and “help.” She couldn’t figure it out either so I tried asking her a question about it and the dizzy cunt tried TALKING OVER me and wouldn’t listen! I said, excuse me, I’m the customer here and I have a question, and you need to listen. I suggested a possibility and she wouldn’t even try it because I didn’t have the box with me. Instead she purposely provoked me to piss me and I called her a dizzy cunt, which she is, and I left. Stupid dizzy cunt.


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  • death556 says:

    Wow those employees are dumb. All they had to do was return your PS3 slim using the code on your receipt, and then repurchase it in a separate transaction with the warranty in order to link the warranty with the ps3 correctly.
    I've done it dozens of times and is simple as hell. -_-


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