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November 18, 2014 - TargetSlaveee

Worked for 1.5 Months, couldn’t finish my two week notice.

Lets set the scene.

-Disclaimer to any of my Softline TM or the guy in the backroom who quit right before I did. You guys were the best TM ever. Fuck the higher ups.-

I’m 18, a full time student, and worked at the busiest, and richest(meaning guests were hella rich), Target in my area. I’m talking Tiger Woods, Shaq, and owner of all the West Gate Resorts kind of rich(he’s building the biggest family home in america. 52 bathrooms big). I get it your RICH! But you don’t have to be so mean or creepy(we’ll get to that in a bit). This was my second job, first in retail. I don’t know if all retail is like this, but if it is, I don’t ever want to do retail again.

I was hired in the Softlines department, which I wanted to be. But I asked for 25 hours, not 44.5 hours!! Like I said, I’m a full time student, and they knew this. I asked for less hours. Guess what that got me? 41 hours. I got trained really well, knew what was expected of me, and got it done, before the end of the night(most of the time). I was tired, but I thought to myself I can get used to it, because I’m making money, and well, I’ll adjust. NOT.

 LOD Story:

Our LOD would always be nice to me. I felt appreciated, until I knew she just wanted to take advantage of me. One day, at the start of my shift, I grab my walkie, PDA, cart, and make my way back to the fitting room to check out what departments I’ll be in for the day/night. The LOD sees me, (oh,shit) and stops me and my cart. “Hi, how are you doing? Can you do me a big favor?-biggest smile ever-” (greeeaaat, what now) “Sure, anything you need.” “Follow me into Shoes.” So I follow her into the shoe department, where there’s already a TM in there, zoning and doing go backs. The LOD asks me to take her place, and of course I said yes. The TM leaves, and the LOD says to me, “You look really tired are you okay?” At this point in time, I realized how I hated Target, so I said to her “Yea, I am tired. I worked 12 hours yesterday, and I had a Calculus exam at 8:30 in the morning, which I probably failed(because you guys work me to death, I can’t study anymore. I’m either to tired, or don’t have the time).”  She goes “I’m sure you did fine, here are your shoe go-backs I need you to do,-drags out 2 full carts-, and I need you to zone shoes, pick up accessories, girls, and zone those as well.” Me: “Yea, sure no problem.” So I had to do ALL OF THAT, and my departments, as well as back up cashier. That TM from before? I thought I got her work because she was leaving for the night. NO, she wasn’t. I saw her sitting in the fitting room on her phone for the rest of her shift! I still don’t know why I was made to do her work on top of mine, while she got to sit on her ass.

Creepy Guest Story: 

I had a fitting room shift. I never got properly trained for it, but I managed. So this Man comes up with his two daughters. One is 10, the other is about 8, with 2 dresses that the 10 year old wanted to try on. With Target being all about Brand, I try and make friendly conversation. I ask the Man if the dresses were for a special occasion, because they were fancy. He said they were for a Father, Daughter Dance, he was taking the 10 year old to. So the 10 year old comes out with the first one, and they were saying things about it, and they asked me for my opinion. I said that it looked really nice, and that if you got some silver shoes with it, it would look even nicer. The 10 year old goes back into the dressing room to try on the other dress. As she’s doing this, the Man asks me if I’m in school, what major, what I want my profession to be, if I like working at Target(which I say yes), I genuinely thought he was just making polite conversation.(we were talking for about 10 minutes while the girls giggled in the dressing room).  The 10 year old comes out with the second dress and it had a tie thing around the waist that you tie into a bow, but she didn’t know how to make one. So there I go, I walk up to her, and say this is how you tie a bow, and then I basically taught her while the Man(her dad) watched. Then they had to decide on shoes. So the Man and I continue making conversation(I was putting go-backs in the proper place while chatting.) They finally decide on a dress and shoes, and they leave. My favorite TM, comes into the fitting room to grab some go-backs for her department when the Man shows up again, by himself. He looks at me with this CREEPY ASS SMILE, and goes “I just want you to know, that you’re an amazing person. You handled my daughters very well, and you’re guest service is so great. I love that we had a conversation as well. You’re very approachable.(here it comes) Can I have your number? I thought we could hangout sometime.” You should have seen the look on my TM face!!! So the only thing I could come up with was, “No, I’m sorry, we’re not allowed to give out personal information to guests.” Did I forget to mention, that when we were talking, he mentioned his wife??? And then he asks me out?? The TM and I ran into a fitting room cracking up, and she goes “But you’re barley legal! You look like a baby!”  I will never forget that for as long as I live.

The Last Straw Story: 

The day after the creepy guy incident, I turned in my two weeks notice. A couple days later, I walked to the fitting room at the beginning of my shift like any other day. The TM that was there during that incident comes up to me, and says, “I got coached because apparently I talk to you to much.” Like seriously??? I told her what happened, and she says “Apparently after the ‘incident’ and ETL came by and saw us talking to each other more than once.” Is is not okay to talk to other team members?? That made me SO mad. And the only reason why I didn’t get coached or “written up” is because I turned in my two weeks. I just feel like that’s messed up. Getting written up, because you were talking to a Team Member? I get it if your not getting your work done, but we got ALL OF OUR WORK DONE.

Didn’t Finish My Notice: 

So, a month and a half in this hell hole, I had a panic attack in the Shoe Department. The amount of work my ETL and LOD expected from me was way to much. And that night I felt it, mentally. I ran from the front of the store, into the backroom, and locked myself in the bathroom so no one would see me having a panic attack. I needed to be alone, so I could break down. That I feel is the lowest low, I could get. I knew I wouldn’t be coming back after that night.

The store expected me to zone my departments, and get all of re-shop back on the floor before the end of the night. I get that. Then, on top of that, they expected me to do back up cashier. I’ll never get over We need back up on Softlines side, who’s coming?!”
I’d be over doing cashiers job for an hour or two, while my re-shop would start to over flow, and my zone would on its way to looking like a dump site. I’d do that about 5 times per shift.

I called in the next day, and told them I wouldn’t be finishing my notice. When I hung up, it was the greatest feeling ever. I knew it was over.


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