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April 16, 2017 - AnonymousTM

Worked my ass off for a 16 cent raise

After 5 months of high Redcard performance, always showing up early, and being their cart bitch when they didn’t have one, I received a whopping 16 cent raise.

I was under the impression that getting a lot of redcards was compensated in the form of raises, but I was sorely mistaken. I was expecting at LEAST a quarter. What an insulting raise. Even the Dairy Queen I used to work at gave better raises than this.

Target’s performance reviews are the most useless thing ever. The GSTL just handed me a piece of paper that had my score, my raise, and then that was pretty much it. When I asked him how l could improve, he basically just said “get more redcards.”

Seriously, 16 cents? Assuming I worked 40 hours a week (which almost never happens) that’s only an extra $6.40 a week. That isn’t even gas money! Fuck you Target. There are people who have been working there 3-4 years who make the same wage as me. That ain’t right.

That being said, time to start a new job search.



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  • Silverfox says:

    16 cents is a lot compared to what others have reported receiving. Be glad you didn't get an 8 cent raise. Or ahem a 5 cent raise.

  • poohbear80 says:

    Target just expects you to get red cards as part of your job. Don't expect a raise for them though unfortunately. Target only believes you are entitled to a corny front end announcement cheer and a Starbucks coffee for all your efforts that are bringing them extra revenue.

    • Silverfox says:

      ha, I'm still thinking Target left Canada because they didn't want give a mandatory 10 to 75 cent raise across Canada. No wonder London Drugs didn't feel threatened by them coming over. They were right, they left in barely 2 years at it. In Alberta the NDP made the defacto min wage the official min wage.

  • confused says:

    I've been at Target almost 4 years and the highest raise I got was $0.36 and the lowest was $0.04. When our store got starting wage raised to $10.00 I got the dollar raise everyone got and then $0.04. When I asked why my performance raise was $0.04, I was told because I got a large raise the year before (the $0.36). I hit a wage cap. A kid who started like 6 moths prior got a $0.40 in addition to the dollar was then making the same as me. Not to mention the pay bump for GSA is only $0.50. I do the work of a GSTL without the compensation.

  • iwanttobreakfree says:

    Yeah I worked my ass off for an .08 cent raise. But I'm pretty sure they give us shitty raises and bad reviews on purpose. Think about it- higher raises, less money for the company. And the GSTL does the reviews (well, mine did my review) and if we got paid more, I was told they would cut our hours. Cutting our hours means less money for the GSTL too. So lower raises=more money for the GSTL. Funny how that works.


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