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December 29, 2013 - Dylan

why so useless

Went to target in milwaukee WI to return and exchange a defective phone that i had for 22 days.guest services said without the original box they couldn’t take it.after some persistan complaining they returned the phone and sent me to electronics with a raincheck there only to be told the phone it’s out of stock.after interrogating 7 employees and management no one could tell me when more would be i had to go back to guest services and claim the original phone i can a major corporation treat people so poorly and hire the incompetent.I’ll never go there again.


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  • pinkzinnia says:

    If you had come to the store I work in, you would have been refunded the full price if you had your receipt or credit card you used. If you didn't, you would have had to have shown your license and would have been given a target gift card for the lowest price listed on the returns screen..
    I believe you can look that up online for targets return policy.

    From what you described, yes it sounds like a lot of incompetence at that store...

  • TargetGrunt says:

    As far as I understood it, the return policy is 90 days for unopened, unused items. There are exceptions of course (less than 90 days), but considering your phone was presumably fine for 21 days before it stopped working, I'm not sure how they were at fault. Any defects after purchase would be covered by manufacturer warranty, not Target (unless you purchased an extended warranty).

    Here's a link to the return policy on their website:

  • viciousdave says:

    I've worked at Target for 5 years. The legal policy they conduct is as follows. (Every item is under the 90 day return policy unless under the red card purchase which increases to 120 day return policy. In addition, any electronic items such as CDs, games, movies, phones, and electronics equipment can not be returned unless unopened but if opened can be refunded for same item in return for bringing the item with receipt in. All items must be returned with original box for all returns of all items.) That is how Target has done business forever even before I got with them. I am not arguing for Target or even with Target as I hate there policy with these issues and there employees being treated unproperly, I'm just saying they were doing the right thing according to there agreement. That's how proper judgement is made, I'm not taking sides, just showing proof of agreement was not met with Target's guidelines and you were wrongfully rewarded just because you kept yelling back at them.

    • TargetGrunt says:

      I think a lot of consumers fail to realize that we employees only enforce policy because it's our job. We don't do it out of spite (most of the time), but rather because if we don't follow policy we could get in trouble. And with the economy/job market how it is we need our stagnant, low-wage jobs now more than ever.

      But of course, angry consumers usually end up getting rewarded for their negative behavior since companies don't want to lose the business. Employees, on the other hand, are expendable.

  • The_truth09 says:

    2 things
    1. Are you a team member who works at Target or a customer who found this forum just to complain about the return policy?

    2. I have not been behind the service desk but the days I close all that shit that people bring back because of wrong size, the simply didnt want it anymore, the closing team members have to put it back on the shelf. I get the bad worst of it because I dont even work on the floor, I am mainly front end and I have to stay until midnight or so making sure everything is back on the shelf

  • Escaped says:

    Nobody within the store knows if and when something is going to be in stock. Corporate pretty much just sends trucks with stuff. We could put in that we're out of it, but there is no real telling when it'll show up. It's stupid, but that's Target. I recommend you buy electronics, and actually most things, elsewhere if you can. Returning electronics that are opened is always touchy, at least at Target it is. You really have to keep the receipt and box until you're absolutely sure that it works properly. Although after typing that and rereading it, it seem like that should be common sense no matter where you shop or what you buy.

    And you know the people at Guest service just work there too, right? They're just like every other grunt. Whether you find the return rules wise or stupid, nobody behind that counter made those rules. They don't control what is in stock or out. They don't make policies to screw you over. They just want to take care of you so that you leave sooner, and the better it goes, the faster you're out. After reading what you described I doubt that they didn't return your phone for you because they are incompetent, but rather because they *have* to follow Target's disagreeable rules. That's what they (barely) get paid to do. Perhaps they were rude to you or something like that (although I have to admit that I wouldn't be likely to want to help, let alone be kind to someone who "interrogated" me and my coworkers either), but it seems the only sort of incompetent thing they did was to make you walk all the way to electronics without walky-ing back there to make sure they had that phone in the first place.

  • Silverfox says:

    did you drop it? And try to return it? lol

  • FuckT says:

    OR....the store you visited has a lot fraud going on and they have to take extra precautions when it comes to high priced items. Also the imcopetence you speak of is the end result of a greedy company that A) doesn't invest in their staff's training and B) doesn't communicate properly with their managers who in turn don't communicate with the staff. The shipment dates were always a problem at my store because no one ever knew. It was an estimation 1-2 weeks. Target is the most anal retentive company I have ever worked for but also the most disorganized when it comes to communication.

  • Hate_Me says:

    Look, I understand your plight, but you need to understand that Target employees don't have truck delivery invoices stashed away in some secret hiding spot where we don't let the guests see them.

    Fact is, nobody knows what the hell will be on the truck. That decision comes from the corporate warehouse management teams, where they evaluate store sales and profit margins, and then accommodate products accordingly. You might visit a Target store with lower profit margins who won't see a restock of in-demand items for weeks to months at a time. That's because Target doesn't waste its time sending high-demand merchandise to a store where it has a higher probability of not being sold.

    You could "interrogate" as many employees as you wanted, but the employees aren't told shit about anything. The LOD's specifically tell us not to let guests know when trucks arrive, because then we get an onslaught of phone calls, asking if product arrived. It takes up too much time when employees are being slaved around and have a billion things to take care of while a lazy LOD is breathing down their neck to get it done yesterday.

    Your receipt clearly states in its return policy on the back and front that electronic equipment can only be returned or exchanged in the original, packaging. If the package is opened, it is eligible for exchange only. Unopened, they will refund you. You shouldn't buy phones from retailers, anyways. Oftentimes, they are given refurbished phones to sell. Always go to your phone provider's corporate stores to buy phones.


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