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November 10, 2019 - storewideunion

Why cant i work guest service yet?

i still havent been trained to work guest service despite working as a “checkout advocate” (eye roll) for a year.  they keep training people for guest service on their first or second day, though!  the GSTL will give me the keys/leave me in charge to go on their lunch and i dont even know how to do guest service. one of my GSTLs said like 6 months ago that she thinks i would be good for it and ive been asking periodically to be trained there but it still hasnt happened.


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  • Donotworkattarshit says:

    They won’t train you because don’t want to /are to lazy train someone else. That’s why they won’t move you. Never trust the lying spots fucking word. It it’s fucking meaningless.

    • storewideunion says:

      i know that deep down, theyll just tell people what they want to hear with those sorts of things but its still frustrating and makes me wonder if im not doing a good enough job. I dont care about this place/my higher ups to work any harder than i need to though so i wont be doing that regardless 😛


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