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August 25, 2013 - katiepurrs

Who’s next to join T1846 firing squad

A friend recently got fired from this shit hole. As soon as she told a bunch of us I was so angry. She seemed pretty relaxed and she sensed some kind of relief. There’s a lot of us that saw that coming though, they were looking for any excuse to fire her and they did.

The good thing is that she no longer has to deal with all the bullshit and put up with these annoying ass ETL’s. I’m happy she’s out of here but I’m sad cause she was fun to work with. ETL’s hated that she got along well with others, not only was she an awesome person but she had the kind of personality that draws you.

MI even heard they had written her up for not being FFF really? I can made ten purple out of the top of my head that very much lack FFF come one who are we fooling?


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    That is why when they start harassing people, start making a log. If/ and when they try to fire you it has become a hostile work environment.


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