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April 19, 2013 - dropdeadhal

Who honestly wants to work here? If you do. don’t.

This company should be put out of business for all of the ass hole people who work their. I just was hired last month after working for Michaels Arts and Crafts, which honestly wasn’t to bad of a job I just couldn’t deal with the 12 hours a week. I needed more so I started to apply for different jobs. Was hired for target and everyone acted so lovely at first, I eventually met my LOD for Hardlines, and he was nice, but also the worst! He non stop hit on me every time we would get alone he would make comments on me being pretty and such and I’m thinking you shouldn’t be doing this, even as friendly as it is. It’s not appropriate for a work place, so I always felt extremely uncomfortable. So back to my story. I ended up calling out three times and being fired. Need I remind you all be for the No Call No Show. I had to attend a funeral and knew no one to cover my shift so even when I asked around it was like oh i work that day or oh im to busy. So I had to call out for it because that is not something I was going to miss, and coincidentally I had an¬†emergency¬†and someone was in the hospital had to call out for that as well, along with my 101 degree fever a week or two before. The worst thing about it. I asked the Assistant Store Manager the last time before i even hesitated to call if I NEEDED to come in, before she fired me! It was the worst excuse of a job. I held back my anger and walked out politely. After my hardlines manager basically demanded my name tag and stupid discount back. I mean really. 10 percent doesn’t do much anyways.


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  • maaadhatter says:

    It sounds to me like the 12/week job was more your style, since you weren't showing up to work when you were scheduled more hours. They have a business to run and if they can't depend on you, they'll find someone who they can depend on - it's as simple as that. It also seems like your perception of reality and actual reality are two very different things. It's understandable that you weren't able to plan ahead for a funeral, but you almost make it sound like you were annoyed when you couldn't find someone to cover you because they were already working or already had plans.

  • dropdeadhal says:

    Uhm. No. Ive never had an issue with calling out. It was 3 times in 3 months and i hardly consider those to be worth firing since ive had other people call out more than i have and still have their jobs. It was hardly worth my time to work their so i do not know why you are on the site if you are defending this crappy company. i have a different job have had no issue and get paid more and get better recognition so yeah they can find someone to do their crappy minimum wage job for all i care


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