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June 21, 2014 - planoslave

Where do I begin?

I’m so glad I found this website. Why have I not joined sooner???? First off, I’ve worked for Target for 8 years. Yes, 8 years. Four of those as TPS, another four as GSA, and now I’m on presentation. I used to love working at Target, until I transferred to my new store four years ago. Talk about a bunch of snobs! Anyway, my post today is a rant about how absolutely ridiculous this week has been (and it’s only Tuesday!!!)


So, I just switched to presentation about two months ago. I love it, it’s so nice to be off the front end (that’s another rant in itself)! But, today I found myself very tempted to walk out. We are currently resetting grocery, which obviously is a huge workload. We have a very small presentation team even though we are a Supertarget and always have a crap ton of resets. So this week we pretty much have double the work per person. Yesterday I had a nine hour pog which took that long, BUT with two people helping me. Today, my TL gives me a six hour pog and a five and half hour pog. To finish in eight hours. With one person helping me for four of those hours. One pog was PB&J, and the other was the fruit cups and applesauce. I don’t know about anyone else’s store, but the fruit cups and applesauce are an absolute nightmare. They are constantly leaking and the shelves are just filthy and disgusting. So it pretty much takes twice as long. I get halfway through the PB&J pog when I finally get help. Awesome! I’ll have her take over and finish the PB&J pog so I can start the other pog! I was so excited! Wrong. She’s never set a planogram, so she was really slow! I never should’ve started the stupid fruit cups pog. So I tell my TL that it’s not going to get done, and she said she’d come over and help when she finished her revisions. She never helped.


Long story short, at 12:15 (we leave at 12:30), she pulls us all aside and asks where we are (hardly anyone was actually done setting), and tells us to go home after we finish what we are working on. Two sections out of four of PB&J had to be finished, and three sections out of five had to be finished in the fruit cups. The PB&J had to be finished because I had already changed the labels. So, the rest of my team all finishes up around 1 pm and takes off. Not a single one of them asked me if they could help me finish up. My TL even left without helping!!! Whatever happened to team work and getting stuff done as a team? And since when does a TL not stay to help out their team? So I ended up working an almost ten hour shift and the stupid pogs still didn’t get done.





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  • StoleMySoul says:

    Unrealistic expectations and understaffing. Apparently it is the same in every Target. They want more and more done with less and less people. I wish the assholes at corporate would realize cutting payroll hours is not the best way to cut costs. And you are so right about those fruit cups being a total mess! They never take stuff like that into consideration, that people may run into problems or setbacks or GUESTS that make things take longer than anticipated.


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