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August 15, 2015 - Ihatetargealotmore

What the legitament fuck

SO I LEFT THE BACKROOM AT THE SAME TIME AS MY STORE MANAGER, WITH BOXES IN MY HAND (3-4 not that it matters) I started stocking an incap. Also take this into consideration I’ve been here a year or so I’m constantly on my knees in a cooler and it just is no good on the body on top of that I unload every truck. ¬†Me and manager literally come out of the back room at the same time walk the same direction and she stopd at the incap that I stop at and says HAVE YOU TALKED TO THAT GUEST… AT FIRST I was )like “WHAT bitch THERE’S NO ONE AROUND ME” they proceed to point down the aisle and say ¬†that guest I look down the aisle and see a guest clear down slightly behind the other side the other incap. I say no I haven’t. She says you better! And like the target bitch I’ve somehow turned into I say okay drop what I’m doing get up from stoking the bottom and do so… I’m pissed should I quit I think yes


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  • rainprincess64 says:

    I can honestly say this is one good reason I'm glad I never worked the floor when I was at Tarshit. Let the people do their shopping and approach you when they need something. Quit harassing them. Gah! If you can, get out while you're still sane.

  • Bombcar says:

    Remember there are two types of TL's and ETL's: those who work their asses off, and those who are lazy. At my store we're told at GS that we have to stop what we're doing to help a customer no matter what. Then they get mad that reshop and defectives have piled up. But we can't put anything away because every minute someone needs us right there. Here's a thought take the initiative and help.

  • MrSharkNasty says:

    Whats an incap? It's ENDCAP, because it's on the end of an aisle


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