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  • August 15, 2015 - Ihatetargealotmore

    What the legitament fuck

    SO I LEFT THE BACKROOM AT THE SAME TIME AS MY STORE MANAGER, WITH BOXES IN MY HAND (3-4 not that it matters) I started stocking an incap. Also take this into consideration I’ve been here a year or so I’m constantly on my knees in a cooler and it just is no good on the body on top of that I unload every truck. ¬†

  • October 21, 2013 - Jefok Airk

    Social Injustice

    What many team-members do not realize, or do not want to realize, is that high-paying positions are given to the privileged. Everyday, college grads enter the company out of nowhere, being placed in high-paying positions, while experienced team members are ignored. What ever happened to work your way up? High-paying (salary) positions are meant for the privileged. The poor-working-class team members are only given more hours, as a compliment. A real compliment would be professional development. However, one must fit the criteria first. The criteria, imo, is being a white male, a hot white female, or minority woman. Of course, their are exceptions. Working at target has taught me that hard work is irrelevant to becoming an exec. Hard workers are only rewarded with more hard work. There is a great social injustice committed by Target Corporation, the inequality between the privileged and poor-working-class. Various movements are in progress (McDonald’s workers fight for living wage, $15 per hr., Occupy ¬†Wall St., Labor, counter-culture, Anonymous, etc., Occupy Target should exist, too. It’s important to realize there are more of us then there are of them.