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February 25, 2019 - fucktargetintheass

“We’re gonna have to let you go”

OOOOKAYYYY. SO. We have a long story here about why I personally HATE THE FUCK OUT OF TARGET. Anyways so, they hired me & everything was all good until I realized the head lady in HR is trash & talks shit on all the employees to other employees. Nothing but a dramatic bitch. I was “still within my 90 days” and literally had to call in cause I was puking and literally felt like I was dying. She tells me “you’ll be written up since you’re within your 90 days & it’s going on your attendance. Would you like that?” So I hung up. After that, she was trash to me. And any other “team member” who had to call in for their own well being?

Everyday someone would complain about the heat, or the sexual assault coming from the LOD’s & GSA, the verbal abuse and harassment, the fact that we were missing our breaks, we were told to deal with it.

I was fucking pregnant & this piece of shit store and the managers had their heads so far up their asses that when I was getting sick, i still had to come in & deal with all the stress? Not to mention the fact that any time I had a problem and someone wanted to speak to a manager, afterwards I was pulled to the side and pretty much called fucking r******d anytime. Pregnant and standing for almost 12 hour days & only getting a 15? Not cool w me. So I would call in. Obviously. I called in 3 TIMES. One day I’m working and a fucking GSA at the end of my shift comes up to me and says “Hey can I talk to you real quick?” And in front of everyone in the Starbucks hears her tell me “so we reviewed your attendance & We’re gonna have to let you go.” And I was being stared at, people whispering, all that. And she expected me not to be even slightly upset about the fact that I was just humiliated in front of everyone and worked my whole shift sick as a dog just to be fired at the end?

I have never been somewhere that made me want to kill myself so bad. Having actual anxiety attacks just walking into work.

Fuck. Target.


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  • Donotworkattarshit says:

    That’s sad that you fired and humiliated by Tarshit while pregnant. Tarshit doesn’t give shit who they hurt!!!!

  • viciousdave says:

    Wow, they are required by law work enforcement to give the 15, the 30, the 15 again for a 8 and half hour day. Much more they should have a policy that understands sickness.


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