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July 22, 2014 - John Cree

Waste of Time and Money, ETLs & TLs

I worked for Garland East Super Target – 1489 from Spring 2004 to Winter 2014.

We went from a Store manager who never left an end-cab in a disgraceful state, never left a isle empty, and never lets ETLs, or TLs waste hours to store managers who would barely walk the floor much less keep tabs on ETL, and TLs. The planagrams where behind by a month, end-cabs completely shit, and isles empty, well with the signage “coming soon” bullshit.

ETLs stopped trying to do there jobs and simply gave up any attempt to solve problems. ETLs and TLs who never even tried to Lead. Some things where so simple.

Example unloading the truck. Simply moving a few people around and adding one to the front of the line would have gone a long way to quicken the unload, and you could still ignore the TL and TMs standing in the truck talking all the time during the unload. BUt no left as is and the trucks still take forever to unload. TL, and his palls in the truck talking, check, no one unloading pets and paper, Check, TM talking along the line, check. Simple leadership could save hours, and money.

TLs that ignored people playing football on the racetrack, or team members ignoring any work after they were done with their areas. Team member who don’t know how to work the bailers, much less make a bail.

My ETL was more then happy to ignore the failure of one TL but never failed to verbalize his feeling toward the other. I cant count the number of time he called one team lead “worthless,” he was more harsh then that, and ignore the other who wasn’t even trying to do his job.

My first TL knew what everyone was doing and had a plan ready for the night and he could change that plan as the night went on, as he checked in on the status of each team members.

My last TL couldn’t tell you if an area was done or not, much less had a plan. I would walk up to him and ask where I was needed next, he would be like, “Duh, ummm, I don’t know.” Well of course he was like that he would spend more time playing football or talking then leading. I started to just do the things I knew from experience where most vital. He would walk up to me after hours of being done in electronics and be like “oh your done with electronics?” No dumb-ass I stopped to do Candy, Furniture, Home, and Cosmetics for the fun of it. Damn that man was worthless. He has two kids. OMG I feel sorry for those two.

Target was frustrating in many ways but if they don’t get rid of these worthless spineless TLs, ETLs, and worse of all the Store Managers. My god what a joke of a store. Target Hour = Money. You let your TLs and TM play around all night you waste your payroll. And let you ETLs and TMs do nothing and you waste even more payroll. Fuck invest in strong leadership.

My last TM wasn’t even the worst I had there, but shit. They did finally fire that spineless ETL but they did it because he made too much money, not because he gave up leading, that and the Store Manager had a strong hatred for him.


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