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June 30, 2018 - zzz101

Unorganized stupidity. Rampant ignorance and 40 year old teenagers

Been with target almost a month.

1. Haven’t been put into computer to set up direct deposit. Managers blow me off whenever I ask… any other job I’ve had I’ve completed basic stuff like getting paid how I’d like before I start working!

2. Can’t use the my device because I have no login. Being new and not knowing where stuff goes, a my device helps ya know?

3. Received almost no training from a guy who just walked me around the store while he talked to other employees.

4. HR tells people to suck dicks, get fucked and other completely out of line behavior for an HR role.

5. When hired I provided a few dates I needed off due to prior commitments. Was assured it’d be fine… am scheduled to work the days and was told it’s not always 100% now.

6. Safety is an afterthought for those unfortunate enough to work unloading the trucks. Deadlines are law regardless of the shitshow the truck is… heavy boxes you can’t reach that’ll collapse a bunch of stuff on your head? Hope you like concussions, and a sore back for the rest of the day.

7. Most employees just seem to do laps around the store not actually doing anything.

8. Store director lost his mind when I said customer, not guest. Even the fucking customer thought it was stupid. Got written up for walking away midway through his rant

9. When interviewing I was assured I’d get 30ish hours a week. Get 12 to 15, not enough to pay my fucking bills.


Quit today to drive a forklift full time for 19.75 an hour. Thanks for wasting my time Target.


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  • bigrog44 says:

    You have an unprofessional management team at Target. They don't want to listen to you when you have a problem. They want you to listen to them when they have a problem with you. I have a bad foot and a bad hand and they expect me to perform like people who have no health problem.


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