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March 21, 2014 - jersey0420


So I’m employed at target & my work center is the service desk.Yesterday a man came in to return a tv that he claims he had just purchased the day before.As he placed the box on the counter,I went to grab the box and noticed it felt light to be containing a 55 inch television.So I proceeded to take back the tv but was curious so I opened the sealed box what I laid my eyes on was horrible.Inside the box was a tv that had to be at least 32 inches was corroded and had a gigantic crack across it.I immediately picked up my walkie and called for A.P.Once she came over I said please check this tv for me! She held back a laugh then took the man’s receipt to match the serial numbers.Thou the numbers on the receipt and the box matched,the one on the tv did not.She turned to me and shook her head then said Sir this isn’t the right television did you maybe put the wrong one in the box.HELL NO! He yelled to the top of his lungs causing a scene and demanding the manager.My gstl came over checked the serials himself looked at the tv and immediately called the LOD.When she arrived she asked the guest NOT us what the problem was,he told her he had just purchased the tv got it home and it was damaged and that we were rude and refused him a return.Without even looking at the tv she said team lets VIBE with this guest and get him his money refunded.All three of our mouths dropped open and eyes widen.After several minutes of silent staring from the guest to each other to back at the guest.My gstl nodged me aside and said here let me do it.She completed the transaction and damaged it out.The A.P girl hissed I can’t believe this then stormed away.I was in a robotic state of shock as I helped other guests.I was thoroughly  disgusted by my store that day.But by the time the mid shifters were drifting in the tv story had made it around the entire team from cashiers,food services,hard lines,& softlines.That tv was like an exhibit every hour or as another team member came running over proclaiming LET ME SEE THE TV! Lol it was the laugh of the day.


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  • Silverfox says:

    no wonder they are losing money.

  • Integritymybullseye says:

    Lets VIBE with this guest and get him his money refunded. Unbelievable yet I believe it. Sounds like a typical collage educated LOD/ETL idiot!! I should go buy a 55" TV from them and return the box with an old VCR in it. If questioned, all I have to say to the LOD is "obviously a team member that doesn't vibe or show a sense of urgency shoved this VCR in this box".

  • pinkzinnia says:

    This sounds like the store where I work. It's a weekly occurrence

  • keepthevibealive says:

    I honestly can say that, this has to be a bs story. I cannot not believe that and LOD would do this. Funny story tho, even more if it was true

    • TargetSucks says:

      I wouldn't doubt the story for a second. I've seen people try to return products literally repackaged with POTATOES inside instead of the original product and try to say that's how they received it.

      Also, don't ever doubt a Target supervisor's ability to do something horribly stupid.

  • keepthevibealive says:

    Lol sure.... I do believe a lot of the stories. Just not this one.

  • vmj11 says:

    This story sounds something like my stupid store would do. Yesterday a guest had 19 manufacturer coupons for the same item I told the guest we can only except 4 manufacturer coupons & she tells me oh the do it at guest service all the time. Well i called my ETL over & sure as shit she excepted all the coupons took 37$ off. Had another incedent where a guest complained about an item that rang up 49.99 said it was sapossed to be 19.99 & they gave it to them for 19.99 & to make matters worse the guest behind them had the same item & said well if they changed it for them they have to change it for us! They claimed the item was in the wrong spot I think they moved signs around. But yeah it's crazy that they are excepting this stupid sh** from the guest. Target had no balls or backbone to them at all!


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