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July 4, 2021 - Trash

Trigger warning , graffic, and really ling storry sorry and would kove some feed back plz

The following takes place 3/9-5/19/2021 this is my time line of events along with 2 emails

Week1 3/8/orientation day
Week1 3/9-12 4 half shifts
W2 3/15-19 first full shifts doing well
W3 3/22-24 work as normal. After work that night I find out my brother passes away by hanging himself
Week3 3/25 go into work crying telling my managers my brother passed away I get sent home got greaves and to be with family. Leave work early on the 25th
W4 Out of work on the 26-31 to deal with my brothers death my time was approved and paid for!
W5 Finish the work week on the 4/1-2
W6 4/5-9 coming into work working through emotional break downs over the death of my brother asking my manager for help because it’s hard for me to keep my emotions in check and they say we’re here for you!
W7 4/12-16 still emotional but also dealing with fibromyalgia flair up and still working through the pain the best I can. I open up to my manager in confidence of the issues I struggle with to warn him that it could turn into something worse and im in so much fear that it might because you can’t control how fibromyalgia is going to his you or when or how hard!
W8 4/19-22 coming into work everyday on time ready to work but also dealing with massive sleep issues this week. Not being able to fall a sleep or stay a sleep very well but still getting up and going to work taking 5 hour energy shots to stay awake 4/23 leave work early bc of sleep deprived. I’m emotional having crying spells, feeling unbalanced, slow, confused, exhausted all the symptoms of sleep deprived go home and pass out for over 12 hours!
W9 4/26-30 coming to work doing well emotional physical and sleep is a bit under control
W10 5/3-7 come to work everyday on time working fine emotionally and physically
5/8 start my new sleeping medicine.
W11 5/10-13 call out of work because my new sleep med is having reactions with my other meds,  I get  Saraton syndrome witch can be deadly but I had a Mild case, I wake up throwing up with the runs and just feeling like a zombie I go to the Dr for a note for the 3 days I missed

Come back to work on 5/14 My period finally started after stopped for 2 months and hits me like a truck with so much emotional and physical pain. Also stopped pregabalin 2ish weeks before witch have extream mood swing side effect. I give hr my note and fill her in on the situation I’ve been going through and she seem so consurned for me and sad I’m dealing with so much we have a chat on how wemon go through so much more then men and I feel like she’s honestly here for me and tell her how greatful I am to be with a company that wants to take care of me get sent home early due to still feeling funny and manager dosnt want me to get hurt. Witch was a good idea bc I was going through so much emotional and physical pain that weekend. Having to go to the Dr on Monday 5/17 for extremely anxidy attacks and crying spells
5/18 fired…. or being talked to to much about my stool and being a potential injury risk, told I was late from break once and said I was not keeping up with my lains when I has getting complaints about how well I’m also doing?

My wearhouse background I struggled to make myself faster and stronger to keep up and earn my place in walmart and lidl. I work through so much pain emotional and physically but I come out on time and become one of the top orderfillers.
My body is use to a way of doing things so I may keep up and preform well. I worked on pick trucks that didn’t need step stools bc well I’m working along side a truck and having to get stronger of lifting heavy boxes over my head to complete my orders on pallets.
Coming into this job my body was still use to the way I use to worked. I had a hard time using my step stool and understanding my power zone. I’m 5ft4in. And im feeling very limited in my ability that I fought so hard to get stronger in making tall pallets/walls.
I understand my limits and the difference between fibromyalgia pain and injuries inflected on my body from lifting wrong.
I understand I have been talked to by people about my stool. And im understanding importance of using it and the benefits of having it and honestly greatful that I have it at this point so I don’t have to struggle anymore.
I get talking to for putting a box above my neck with out a step stool. When at that time I was being extremely proactive and mindful of the stool. But also feeling frustrated in the fact that I’m 5 4 and have to use a stool to put a box on the wall that’s less then a foot out of my power zone.
I get talked to once by creg about getting off break late once. Around that time I just got back to work after deal with the death of my brother so I’m honestly having a hard time composing myself I was told I was the last one to come back from break when that’s false there were a few ppl still out side finishing there business or inside doing the same thing. After that talk I made sure I wasn’t late again. Observing the fact that plenty of other ppl still sit inside or outside finishing their business.

I get talked to about lain management I got advice on how to handel it. I apply it and do my best. I get praised multiple times about how well I’m doing with my lain management. I get talked to about my end caps I get advice and apply it into my work and find it very helpful. I have been told how my lanes and end caps look good a lot more and that im doing a good job.. I see that other ppls end caps look like they haven’t been touched all day and ppl seem to have a lot of lights on through out the day

I have been through the most Traumatic even of my life the death of my brother less then 3 weeks into my job with target. I come back to work having to deal with things with in myself that our out of my control like emotional breatdowns, fibromyalgia flair up, my period stopping and coming back at the worst time ever, and sleep issues and attempting to fix it with a new med so I can sleep better bc one week I had the worse time ever sleeping but still showed up to work so tired to the point were my body just said no. I couldn’t control anything that my body was going through!!!

I have gone out of my way to point out safety issues like boxes that are being damaged on the mez. Pointing out that ppl are blowing their horn and not giving the ppl the right of way. Pointing out that the extendo is off track.
I hear a lot of ppl say how they never use their stool while working. In my time their I have heard of so many ppl that have walked out bc they didn’t like the fact they got put into doors or can deal with the job anymore
I feel I’m a very good and hard worker. And more then capable of preforming my job well and safely. I hate missing work or being late or leaving early
I’m an individual that struggles with bipoler adhd dyslexic fibromyalgia and is now greving the death of my brother.
And yet I come to work everyday and try my hardest trying to work through all the struggles I’m going through
I do my best to be a fast worker that build tall stable walls. But at the end feeling extremely limited in my ability in my power zone.
I am having to re train my body and mind to work a different way after working 4 years of doing something another way with out a step stool making sure I’m getting stronger and faster and building big stable pallets.
I was correcting myself more often to use the stool and make sure that my lains are good and end caps.
It’s extremely unfortunate of the events I had to suffer through to make it though the work day
But im the type of worker that will show up every day. Work as hard and best I can constantly improving myself to make the job proud of me.
I’m very very confused on why I have been fired.
I was ready to start my work week feel fresh and better and determined to work super safe and use my stool and everything I understand that I have been given chances but I feel I was cut short
I honestly feel like I was discriminate for mental illness and fibromyalgia I suffer with. Along with me not being the worker I know I am bc im dealing with the loss of my brother! I feel like they see me as a liability bc my body could freak out at any moment and cause me to be out of work for something I can not control! Even out I have worked through so many flair up before I was even diagnosed with fibromyalgia! I feel my manager just wanted me out asap so they didn’t have to deal with me anymore!
How the fuck can a manager say I take care of my employees and then 2 seconds later fire me! And I honestly don’t know if hr know that I got fired yesterday… don’t fucking say you got my back when in reality your stabbing me in the back


Dear Trash (original email changed my name)

The specific circumstances and facts surrounding your separation of employment have been reviewed and Target has determined that your separation will stand.

You may find Team Member Life Resources to be helpful to you. Life Resources is a free, confidential and valuable resource to assist with issues or lifestyle needs by trained experts. This resource is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for 18 months after separation. Just call 833-919-8657 or visit and enter company ID: liferesources.



Target Employee Relations Hotline





If I can be oh so honest with you Target at the moment. This was the most unexpected thing to ever happen to me. I feel that Target honestly was being two faced in my time working there. I don’t understand how I could get praised for doing a good job and getting advice on how to improve, and applying it and getting recognition in doing so. I honestly felt that I was doing well considering that my brother hung him self 2 weeks after I started and having to go through so much emotional, physical and mental stress and pain. Target made me feel like I was safe in the situation I was going through when they said they understand and see how hard my brother passing was effecting me. I tried my best to fight though everything I was going though. You don’t know any of the pain I had to go though to get up every day drive an hour every day and have to do my best to push all of this aside to do my job!!! I honestly felt accepted there and that was not the case! I was told by so many people working there how they were their to help me. I had so many people surprised that I was able to work through my situation, I honestly felt that after opening up in confidence to my manager creag about the pains and struggles I was going through to keep Target informed that I’m not ok but I am here to work for you in hopes that my job would help me out to. I have bipoler, adhd, dyslexic and fibromyalgia. And I fear that the week I opened up about me being in physical pain due to a fibromyalgia flair up, due to stress in my life that I can NOT control and still worked though strongly I might add, I feel that Target may have thought  that I’m gonna be a liability because of my disabilities and didn’t want to spend the money on me later on if it falired up to the point I can’t walk. I have worked though so much pain in my life and have came out stronger at the end of the day! I have fought so hard to prove to myself and others that I can make it!

I was trying everything I could to make sure I’m ok there and able to work. I had so many sleep issues a few weeks ago that left me sleep deprived but I still went to work every day taking 5 hour energy shot to make up for loss sleep till finally on 4/23 my body just said no your shutting down now! I finally got on a sleep med on 5/8 that gave me Serotonin syndrome because it reacted with my other meds that I take. Along with getting my period after it stopped for over 2 months due to the stress of my brother hanging himself, on top of stopping another med pregabalin, which caused me severe mood swings and crying spells when you stop taking it making me go to the Dr for serious anxiety attacks.
The reasons creag fired me were all honestly petty in my eyes. Yes I understand that the stool is there to help us out so we don’t hurt ourselves but bring fired for that and never actually hurting myself is just so messed up honestly!!!! Even though I go though random pain popping up when ever I know my body’s limits and different between me living wrong and hurting myself witch I have ever done in my wearhouse cerrers and fibromyalgia pain. There are so many of your other employees there that never use the stool. I have seen them and watched them not use it and just throw boxes! Ive seen people that drive unsafe. That lift unsafe. People walk out of work because they are just fed up or they can’t handel the work load that this job demands!
I was trying soooooooooooooooooo hard to retrain myself after working at another wearhouse where I didn’t have the pleasure of having a step stool because I had to work along side of a pick truck and orderfill on pallets. I pulled 120%-155% at walmart I was one of the best ordefullers there! And the only girl on my team  for a YEAR!! that had to show up the men that worked there!
I went out of my way to point out safety issues to management.  I honestly wonder if I would have still been fired if my brother didnt hang himself and I didn’t have to deal with the situation im in now and miss work because of things that were out of my control. I was only talked to 1 time about my break, 1 time! where there are others on break that take their time finishing up their business before getting back to work EVERYDAY THE SAME PEOPLE. I feel that creg Nit picked me and micromanaged me I placed a box that was barely above my NECK AND HE CORRECTED ME, it seemed that he didn’t see how hard I was honestly trying to correct myself to work by your standards! I’m 5′ 4″ and I wanted to give you tall strong walls. I saw a wall creg made one night and he filled it to the tip top of the truck, it was beautiful honestly but he’s taller then me, but he’s also no NBA player. He had to reach out of his power zone to make that wall look like that. You have so many employees that make false walls, that just throw your product over it to fill it in that’s soooooo disrespectful to you Target and especially unfair and unsafe to the unloaders that work at the store. I never did that to you guys ever!!! You guys honestly made me feel like such trash the moment I go though the worst thing in my life and I hoped to god that Target would be there for me like I wanted to be their for you Target. After reading up on all the stories about others peoples’ experience working for Target. Im in a way fine with you guys getting rid of me, so many people say such bad things about  you Target, even your own employees think you don’t care for them. And it seem that you honestly treat your employees like your boxes, disposable. We are human we have feeling we go though awful things and you didn’t have the heart to take care of someone that was suffering and got rid of me for not using a stool to the ultimate standard that you liked! That so messed up just being let go for that like honestly think about it please!!! If you did the hard job of doors you would see how it is!!!
 I never once hurt myself or anyone else there, nor put anyone in any kind of danger ever! You fired a hard worker that was going to have your back and that was going to make you proud, but you couldn’t see that because I was missing work for things I can not control did you want me to come to work being reallllllly unsafe and getting hurt with the current condition my body went through in the moment??? No!!!
 Another company will and they will appreciate me for what I have to offer. So good bye Target I will never apply for you again, I will never recommend this job to anyone there’s a reason yall are called Target! and that is because the employees are the targets and once we do something you don’t like you take your shot just like all the other people have said in their stories!!! I hope this company really does learn to be there more for their employees, even the ones in their first 90 days, especially for people like me that  mental lillness and some physical disability at random times and try so hard and struggle everyday to prove themselves and give it my all!!!
 For People that suffer from great losses of a loved one and understanding that the HUMAN BODY will go through drastic changes in order to keep its self calm. Also there was a day I just got back from being way because of my brother and I had a mental break down in a truck balling my eyes out over my brother and creg talks to me and I tell him that I was having a hard moment and fell behind because of it and he says in I “I WISH I COULD  Sympathize with you” that felt like such a slap in the face that the fact that I was greaving didn’t matter I had to be on top no matter what but because I’m human and have more emotions then some and dealing with a loss I’m doing bad because I’m greaving but still pushing through!
I should have seen the red flag when someone said that more then half the workers there have been there for less then 3 years….that’s such a high turn over rate. But im also greatful that I was able to get some money from you guys when I had none. Just sucks you honestly couldn’t see the hard worker I am and had to throw me away like trash because of a STOOL!!! THAT I NEVER GOT HURT ONCE!!!
You made me feel discriminated against and I have been sent into a deep depression of suicidal thoughts feeling useless and worthless when I tried soooooo hard I feel I was wrongfully terminated you Target will say your way but a lot of other people will see my way and be mad at you. Now I have to go find another job while still greaving over my brother and hope to god that my next job dosnt judge me like I honestly feel you did.
I don’t care what you have to say after reading this if you even say it but I feel 10000000x better telling you this I feel at peace for typing this now that I don’t have it running around in my brain making me feel crazy. But if you can’t tell I’m FUCKING PISSED AT YOU TARGET ACT REAL AND TREAT YOUR EMPLOYEES BETTER AND MAYBE THEY WILL GIVE YOU BETTER WORK and I can’t get in trouble for telling you my peace because well you fucking fired me bc of a stool being late from break 1 time and being talked to yet praised at the same time about my lanes and end caps you just saw me as a liability and didn’t wanna be there for me. I will be sharing my story with people get your 💩 ✌gether 🎯
HR should stand for HUMAN RIGHTS!!!!

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    Sorry for loss. But you can do better than Tarshit forget them you and everyone else are better than that shithole.


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