Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

September 23, 2019 - D@rrius_93


This is going to be very long story about my experience working at the hell hole call Target.  Basically I was hired at Target for 4 years ago I was supposed to be part of the food Truck team. Well to be honest it wasn’t really a team and only consists of me, this dude name Danny, and this old guy named Fred. Like we was all cool with one another but the food trucks are on some morning was has really big and we went to our supervisors and tell them that you know this is too much work for all three of us so instead they never gave us any help and some people would help once they shift it was over and help but for like 30 minutes to an hour but I mean you know that’s at least it was something.

So after I was on the food truck for two years they needed to be an unloader for the regular truck. It took a little time to learn the whole entire line but I learned very quickly and I soon realized that alot the supervisors, team leads, & even the store manager had no idea how to unload a damn truck.  They will be put items in the wrong section & stack the boxes incorrectly. And when the flat gets too full my team leads was so lazy he never pull the items away and replaced it and then when we try to do it to be like oh well get back on the line and I’m like well this is full and we need replace the flat to create more space. And it was also a lot of work when a lot of transition toys and transition items comes of the trucks, they never tell us any of this so we literally have to scramble to created space for the transition things which they should already told us before we started. Then they used to complain how long it takes us to unload the truck but I’m like we barely have any help back here y’all just walk back and forth look inside the trailer without you helping us and we literally doing all this work to no fucking reason for y’all just to fucking complained. We used to unload trucks 5 days a week then it was 6, then it became 7 days so most people work  almost nine days straight before having a day off. They complain about people calling off in like all these damn trucks people be tired and body be hurting and they never showed any appreciation it was never was a thank you for your hard work.

Well that’s only the beginning I have more stories about this hell hole in one place Target


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