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July 24, 2015 - cathairisthenewblack

Too much work for not enough pay

I worked at my local Target for four years as a softlines brand team member.  The pay sucked, but the stress was low and hours flexible so I stayed.  After Target’s multi billion dollar fiasco in Canada, the shit really started to roll downhill.  As people left, positions never got replaced.  Softlines in my store was hit especially hard.  We went from three brand team members and one softlines team lead to just me.  Our team lead was shuffled off to plano and were left with one STL for the entire salesfloor.  I got piled with ALL of the work that would take three to four people to complete.  I shouldered the burden and did my work to the best of my ability.  I even had discussions about the ever increasing workload with my ETL salesfloor and ETL HR.  I was told by HR that we had too many salesfloor team members and couldn’t give the remaining softlines team members more hours to help me, nor could he hire any additional help.  I was often scheduled to work in softlines by myself, no other softlines scheduled until I left.  On the rare occasions that I actually had some help, the LODs would often pull them to help hardlines or flow finish their jobs.  Did I ever get help?  Haha, nope.  On top of setting POGs, and VAs, I also had to answer phones, maintain the fitting rooms, sort softlines returns, zone, PTM, push clearance, and I was expected to be the first one to respond when checklanes needed backup.  What really gets me is that even though I was told we had too many salesfloor team members, the day after I turned in my notice, our hiring needs suddenly shot up to 3 softlines team members.  May God have mercy on their souls.


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  • survived spot says:

    Yep. The store is a freaking zoo, half the cashiers have called in, there are dozens of carts of re shop piling up and the store cannot "afford" to schedule enough team members to work. Yet the ETL's get plenty of bonus money at the end of the year and team members get princely raises of $0.13 an hour. No thanks. I did 3 Christmases and 2 back to schools there at a Super Target. No mas

  • Silverfox says:

    People need to learn to wait in line. The carts are tiny. No way you can cram a lot of stuff there. Full carts shouldn't take too long

    • Silverfox says:

      Replying to my own post. I work in retail as well and smaller orders like the size of tarshit carts rarely take me more than 1 minute. My ipm is 17 items per minute. That means I can easily keep up in a Target environment. If I were to bag it'd slow me down but start asking them if they need a bag and people will think they need to pay money and will decline and opt to pack not right back into your cart, further speeding your transaction along.


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