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January 2, 2017 - CartBitch

Out of toilet paper and paper towels.

I’m a cart attendant and for the last month we’ve been out of of Paper towels and about 2 weeks for toilet paper. Is this a common occurrence for Target stores?

We have been taking/ requisitioning the typical type of toilet paper off the shelves but there are some issues with this. First off, the toilet paper we get from the floor is the normal toilet paper so it is too small to fit on the dispenser and we have to get creative with where we put it in the stalls. Also it runs out so fast about once a day we will have guest complain about there not being toilet paper despite doing a restroom check every hour.

As for paper towels we actually did have a small shipment come in two weeks ago. It only took 3 days before we ran out again.

The store I work at is in the top 90th percentile in terms of volume/sales. So it is very busy this December. I check every day in the back and nothing comes up.

Has this or anything similar happened to your store?






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  • MrSharkNasty says:

    You should go to your local news and let them know how Target is dropping the ball here. Poor working conditions and all.


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