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December 18, 2014 - summerhelp

To Quit or to not to quit. That is the question

hey guys

I worked at target for three horrible months in the summer. I absolutely hated it. I know you get horrible guests anywhere you work but it’s like target guests are on a different level. So anyway I didn’t like it. For one its so hot at those registers your dizzy all the time. Two everybody was quitting left and right. Too much work for this little pay. And they didn’t want to help me advance while other people who were working there for shorter times than myself could advance to guest services or Starbucks (i was originally hired to work at starbucks but they put me at cashier). So now I’m back for Christmas break. I’ve been calling and calling and I’m still not in schedule   I even go up there and it’s a whole new set of employees so no one will help me and even the people that know me didn’t help. And our supervisor or whatever her title is she wears too many hats because everybody is quitting.  So I officially don’t want to work there. I can’t quit properly because they won’t schedule me. So am I wrong for just not contacting them anymore. They are horrible and it’s not even that great of a job. Plus I’m in school so I guess this is a seasonal job idk. They haven’t told me!! They were gonna fire me for not selling red cards. Eff red cards.


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  • viciousdave says:

    I suggest you do what I would do in this situation, demand to talk to LOD or store manager. Either or is good as they are top leaders of all others. Go to guest service or simply ask any of the HR desk people at the computers behind number board of course. Say what you need to say, tell them you have not had hours scheduled for you for a long time and understand that you are a seasonal hire but would like to stay and show off your skills if you would like to stay as a part time employee due to your school education. Make them understand, and tell them you will give more and show more to get more hours. If that doesn't work, call corporate headquarters. (612) 304-6073 Niccolet Mall, Minneapolis, MN. I have been with Target for nearly 7 years now. I know all about the dislikes and the GSTLs get the red card, at least 2 today, guarantee me. Blah blah, guests being aholes and OCD freaks of double paper bags please, no I want that in plastic. Its sucks, I know. But it's worth it to me because the job is only 4 blocks away and I don't need money for a car or the bus to get there. So it's a major money saver for me. And that makes it totally worth it to fake it all for them. I hope I have helped you as I know much information about them and have used corporate head quarters many times.

  • rainprincess64 says:

    Isn't it against the company policy to fire people for not "selling" red cards in the first place? I don't recall reading anywhere in the employee handbook about having to "sell" X number of red cards in a week as a cashier. I wouldn't bother with that place honestly, especially with them not putting you on the schedule. I've had a manager do this to me before years ago when I had my very short-lived career at Wendy's. Needless to say, I said screw it and never called or went back to that rotten place, not even as a customer ha ha.


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