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October 9, 2018 - ExpectMoreWorkButPaidLess

Time for a Promotion

(Long post ahead) I’ve put in my good 4 years at Target (well, 3 years 9 months) and safe to say I regret giving my time to such an incompetent store and company. I finally could not take it anymore and put in my two weeks, I am taking the promotion to guest. Today was my last day, these are just some of the things myself and others around me have experienced and expressed.

We have all become backup cashiers. There are never enough on the lanes and now there are never enough people on the floor either. We used to have 5+ people closing just in HL, now we have 5 in HL all day if we are lucky. This is a Super Target by the way. The only time we had an abundance of TMs was before a visit, then immediately after be on super skeleton crew. Cart attendants don’t open and they were talking about cutting them at closing too, essentially just having a mid CA. Due to modernization and remodeling, peoples jobs became obsolete and were forced to quit. Many people who switched from a store position to a remodel position lost their jobs even after being guaranteed they could have their same position back when the remodel was over. .

With the remodel as well, things actually got worse. The roofs somehow became more leaky. The frozen/cold section keeps breaking down causing a mass panic or tons of food to spoil. The electronics TV displays kept losing power. The aisles have become too close and almost unshoppable for some guests. Home/Kitchen flats and H&H doesn’t have any signing/price tags so guests get frustrated more, and those who have to stock and do reshop can’t find where anything is located. Amazing what multi-millions of dollars can do.

The flexibility in scheduling is a joke now. You either have completely open availability and are able to come in when ever the overlords summon you by phone, or you get 1 shift a week. I was made fun of for taking 4 days off a week for college classes, but I still was able to work the busiest days. This wasn’t enough for them as the constant belittling shows. I applied to be part time anyway, but we all know part time/full time is joke too. I was told by a new hire that when they asked about it, the hiring ETL said Target did not believe in PT/FT. Getting your availability ignored was common and took weeks to get changed.

Several TMs (including myself) were either coached or written up for sorting re-shop. We were told it WAS NOT EFFICIENT and made us perform worse. We were also coached for training new TMs after a certain period. Apparently talking and explaining concepts to them when they ask is against policy now. Anything we did that was making our lives easier was stomped out by management. I was constantly being yelled at by my TL and ETL for doing pulls, and then for not doing the pulls. There was no communication as to what was the correct policy that day, because it seemed to change daily. We would also be asked why we had multiple carts of re-shop piled up when our sales floor members were being pulled to finish projects our TLs couldn’t finish (and of course they got 0 recognition, only the TL was recognized) These TLs would also leave their mess from their projects sitting around and the we lowly sales floor TMs would take the blame and have to clean it up, because everything was our fault.

Leadership was lacking and incompetent. An ETL of ours blatantly told everyone over the walkie on channel 1 that we needed to respond to call boxes/buttons quicker because it helped them get better bonuses. My TL would constantly come to me and say I could have done this or that better because at the end of the day, if I didn’t do better it came down on them and made them look bad/get a tongue lashing from the STL. Our STL told an A&ATL that they would need to take away from their allotted hours on a project to reset the entire shoe department because saving payroll gave them nice compensation and bonuses (they took 100 of 300 total hours). When TMs were sick they weren’t allowed to leave, even when throwing up and in consumables. TMs who made requests for anything (transfers, time off, complaints) were ignored and never taken care of.

Most nights, we did not leave until 15-45mins after the time on our schedule, and when we mentioned the time we would get coached/ignored. If we did leave early, it was because there wasn’t enough payroll or because you didn’t take a 30min break and HAD to leave or go into compliance.

When Hurricane Irma hit, we opened the doors as soon as we could with no AC and very little lights but registers fully operational. It was miserable and TMs were getting heat sick left and right. We even had guests pass out and get sick. If people just shopping the store are passing out, how could we possibly run around and work? I told them I would not be coming back until the conditions were better and their response was, “You can wear shorts now so you’ll be fine!” This went on for a week.

The one thing I will miss are the people I worked with. They kept me sane and made my time at this store somewhat bearable. I wish them all the best and that maybe one day they can also get out. I didn’t always dislike my time here, when I started I loved working for Target but man has that changed as things have gone downhill.




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  • poohbear80 says:

    It seems Target now wants to run their stores as sweatshops (in more ways than one), with the exception of the US laws that get in their way and they have to adhere to. Please, no one ever work for this company unless it’s the only absolute option for you.

  • Donotworkattarshit says:

    Hell don’t work for this piece of shit even if it is your only option!!!!

  • TargetGhost says:

    Florida store? You sound like someone I might have worked with. I knew several people that had been at my store for 5+ years and they all hated it. It seems like my store was a black hole that sucked in completely viable team members from other stores.


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