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August 25, 2012 - mropethguy

This is the worst job I ever Had!!!

Well, after 4 months with target i called it quits tonight! Yay. I was doing okay and wasn’t expecting to quit tonight. I was a cart attendant and had to work with the store ETL who was closing LOD tonight. We close at 10pm it was around 9:45  and I finishing up in the lot (moving carts) and i get a call over my walkie, it was the LOD (who I never really liked because he/she gets paid a six figure salary to sit on his/her ass and talk all day while the rest of the store is  working their ass off). I come in the store and the LOD calls again. Usually I don’t work on the register pass 9:30 as this allow me some time to finish my daily duties. ( this particular ETL is never at the store he/she only comes in when he/she is not on vacation.)( 6 vacations in a 4 month period?! Really!!!) I get called again by this LOD as i am walking to the guest service counter (at which point I say, “I really have work to do”, out loud. Nevertheless I get on a register for about 10mins. I leave when my line is empty to finish getting carts. I had a lot of carts to move and I was 10 o’clock so it took me about 16 or so minutes. The LOD had already locked  the doors and i called to be let in (a cashier  let me in, one of the hard working employees) I start working on cleaning up the front end when the GSTL calls me in his office to talk, we sit down and here comes the LOD into the office. He/She starts going off about me being disrespectful and not listening to Him/Her (he actually said I am suppossed to do what ever he says, like I’m some kind of loyal dog.) At this point I am heated but I keep my composure and listen to what He/She has to say. He/She then brings up the comment i said out loud(I really have work to do) earlier ( I’m like, how did he know i said that and he/she was like 100 ft away). At this point i just didn’t care and was really ready to go. We leave the room and I continue my work, until I realized I really hated this job and the low hours/wages(Cart Attendants are the stores slaves anyway). I walked up to the LOD and gave Him/Her my namebadge and my walkie and left. Thank GOD Any one considering working at target DON’T unless you like being taken advantage of by their No payroll having asses!! I mean I worked for a local grocery store that gave WAY more hours than Target. (That “we don’t have the payroll to cover more hours” excuse, is just a load of horse SHIT!) OK thats out of my system to those that still work at target, STAY STRONG!! I know your situation is less than optimal but know their will be something better that comes along eventually. I close by saying this corporation REALLY NEEDS TO UNIONIZE !!!!! That way those money grubbing corporate bastards can’t treat their low level employees like shit!


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  • Hate_Me says:

    What's with all the he/she crap? You made this extremely difficult to read...not that it was a very interesting story to begin with. Not only that, but you wasted all that time typing "he/she" and then you state this: "(he actually said I am suppossed to do what ever he says, like I’m some kind of loyal dog.)".


    You have to have like, literally little-to-no balls to not just say their gender on this site...especially after you quit. Hell, I'll do it... Eric Stricker of store #1333 in Billings, Montana is a complete and total douche bag who thinks he's hot shit, but really is just a big huge pain in my ass.

    See? Not giving a shit is easy-peasy.


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