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November 28, 2013 - Jefok Airk

This coming Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Holidays

Be aware of Target using their most friendly executives to exclaim how happy everyone team member is over the walkie this holiday season. For example, while team members are on the sales floor, an exec may over exclaim, “thank you” ” you’re all appreciated” “We’re all going to have a great Thanksgiving,” etc.. In the midst of employee rebellion, ¬†walmart strikes, protests, and social media campaigns exposing low wages, target will use their obedient executives to over exaggerate the happiness within each store with some innocent, naive employees replying back “your welcome” “anything for you . . . ” and other affirming replies. Just because some team members affirm the exec’s happy go lucky shout out over the walkie, it does not mean we agree, it does not mean we are happy with their favoritism, and it does not mean we enjoy target giving exec jobs to the privileged over the working class and poor, who dedicate years to target, hoping to become exec one day. It is important to consider joining the social media conversation about low wages because Walmart is the focus and Target is rarely mentioned. If one makes an alternate fb or social media account it might make voicing injustices easier. As one social media outlet suggests “troll them into submission.” This method resulted in jpmorgan canceling their twitter. Anyways, be aware this holiday season and keep fighting the good fight. #targetwatchdog #occupy #anonymous #targetsucks


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