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November 28, 2013 - iexperiencedhell

this aint disneyland

Okay so where do I even begin..I got hired at target july of 2012. I was excited because I was 16 so it was my first job. Plus I liked shopping at target so I couldnt argue with that!  So the first day of training was an epic fail. We were taught nothing at all. I was hired as a cashier and was told nothing about the job description..or at least they left out a huge detail…those damn redcards. I’m pretty social. Though I don’t enjoy trying to enforce something that someone doesn’t want. Months passed and I was getting harrassed by my stupid manager every shift. Blah blah blah you can’t go home until you get a red card. I’m sorry but once I ask and the customer declines I’m going to shutup and move on!!! They don’t want it and that’s not my problem. My manager was rude and snobby and felt as if she was above us. Well you are 30 years old an working at I’m gonna say no on that one. At my 90 day review I failed everything and was told I am failing at redcards and need to make more magic moments with the rude guests. Ha! Magic moments??? This is target not disneyland you idiot. Redcards fail in everyway

first they hold up the line. That leads to pissy guests. They save you 5 %…big deal that’s nothing. And on top of that most who came through my line using their precious redcards…the machine wouldnt except them. And of course I get yelled at. One day I actually got 3 redcards and what do I get?? A bag of chips. No not a big bag. Some stupid little one. I was 16 so I also couldnt sell alcohol. Every time someone came through my line with it. No other cashier or gsa would help me out. And what happens??? I get yelled at. Surprise surprise. Not!!! They also suck at letting you take off. I didn’t miss one shift or call in sick..then when I have a vacation set in stone they refuse to let me take off!!! I had to put my shifts up on the board and beg workers to take them for me. I hate that place. The workers are fake. The guests are bitches and the hours and flexability are shit. 3 hours in 2 weeks??? Ya no thank you. I quit that job after 1 year and it was the smartest choice ever. I hate target!!!


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