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February 18, 2018 - EllieKatieCat

I think I care too much about “Guests” to work here

I guess I’m an oddity when I say that I like retail work. At least, in theory, I like retail work.

I like working the register and helping customers. The problem is, I think I care too much about customers (or “guests”) to efficiently work at Target.

I have worked at grocery stores before, so I have some background in retail, but I’m a new Target employee (I’ve only worked 1 week). Right now, I’m being cross-trained in multiple departments. One day I’ll be in softlines; the next day, I’ll start in logistics at 5am and move to register at 8.

I’m the kind of person who actually believes in putting the guest first. Come on, we know how it goes. In orientation, they tell us to take the time to walk a guest to an item instead of just pointing them in the right direction. However, on the sales floor, it seems that just about everything is more important than taking that time.

When I’m unloading pallets, I try to make sure the shelves look nice. If I walk through the store, and I see an item that’s very clearly out of place, I’ll put it away if it’s supposed to be nearby, or I’ll toss it in the nearest reshop cart. If I see trash, I throw it out. I am constantly checking to make sure that aisles are clear of debris.

I have shopped at this same store for years. I have gone to the store and seen a piece of trash on a shelf or an item out of place- only to see it there days or even weeks later. It’s one of the reasons I typically shop at OTHER Targets. Between the long lines regardless of the time of day and the overall carelessness in regards to maintaining the store appearance, it’s not a pleasant environment to shop at, and as an employee, I feel like I should do my part to make guests feel better about the store than I did when I was there shopping.

But no. I got yelled at for picking up tissue paper from shoeboxes off the floor. I was reprimanded for taking the time to make sure things are actually where they are supposed to be. Silly me.

I’m definitely looking for a way out of this job. I dislike retail hours (though I’m getting Monday-Friday daytime hours for training), and I would rather work at a position that allows me to follow through with actually caring for guests.

(And yes, I’m aware that some guests are complete nut-jobs, but not everyone is that bad).


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  • bigrog44 says:

    I know what you mean. I can't even keep my area organized. My area is always dirty and disorganized. One time I got yelled at by my mother because my area was so dirty. I told my mother to talk to the manager. My register was so filthy that I had to clean it before I wait on the guest. I like to make sure that my money is facing the same way. I hate when my drawer looks like a hurricane hit it. The managers don't care. They like ass kissers.


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