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January 3, 2014 - Myloshky

They Have no Soul

So I got hired for the Starbucks inside of Target. I honestly thought that Target was going to be this super awesome place to work since the people seem friendly and they seem to treat their employees well.

Two weeks into it, I started to see the reality of it.

To begin, I never fucking finished my barista training. My manager was so hardcore on training me for the first two weeks. After that, it was basically like “Okay you’re trained enough, start doing everything…… blah.” But it was fine because I had my coworkers to back me up. Then later, I would show up to my shift and my coworkers would leave. Not only did I not get a break, I also didn’t have enough time to finish the night chores because the shift before would leave at 6pm, which was when they had me working.

Don’t bother pushing additional assistance. It’s like pushing a pointless ass button. Then we get in trouble when I have to leave fucking Starbucks to get milk from WAY in the back or get some damn change. It’s not my fault I’m the only fucking person at Starbucks.

I can’t even explain the countless coachings I received. This LOD in particular hated me. She literally told me I was disgusting. When my 90 day evaluation came, well, I wasn’t even warned. I came into work because I was on the schedule. I walk in, LOD calls me in, hands me an envelope with fucking CASH in it. Not even the decency for a check. Just the cash and told me I wasn’t cutting it and let me go.

I work a second job right now, so I am not in much financial need, but that job did suffice what I needed to do some leisurely things. I honestly feel way better now that I am gone from that putrid, disgusting place.

A few days after getting let go, I called the integrity line, told em what happened. The LOD was fired the same day. Serves her right.


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  • buymeamovie1st says:

    wow you got 2 weeks? my training on hardlines was 2 and half DAYS lol One times they said they were going to teach me Electronics and that was just throwing me in their and doing stray and expecting me to sell additional SHIT LIKE OVERPRICED HDMI CABLES and shit I many times just told me to check Amazon and other stores just t fuck up sales. Do yourself a big favor and work somewhere else anywhere even WALMART or cleaning toilets at the movie theater either would be better than TARSHIT

  • Hate_Me says:

    You're lucky you got any training at all. Target used to be a lot different. When I started back in 2003, training was essential to them. You would be assigned to "shadow" a responsible team member. If they zoned, you zoned. If they went on break, you went on break, etc.

    I quit for 3 years and went back in 2007. When I got hired, there was no training involved. Luckily, I already knew what I was doing from my previous stint there, but otherwise, I would have been lost as fuck. Nobody else got training. Our zones would take hours and hours because things were always done incorrectly because the employees had no fucking clue what they were doing.

    Basically, Target has turned into an HR's worst nightmare. But lucky for the HR, like the rest of the so-called leadership there, he/she doesn't give a shit about the store. They're just there to push buttons on a PDA and try to look busy.

    Don't be upset that you got glad you escaped. And she got fired because it's Target policy to issue a paycheck with a stub attached 24 hours within being terminated. She broke policy. So let's just take a moment to hope that somewhere, that bitch that fucked with you, is now flipping burgers at McDonald's.

  • zk says:

    I have experienced this. My starbucks team is treated the same way. I do my best to try to help them out. I feel so sorry for them. Only due to my constant nagging and reminding of the TM HR and other LODs does Starbucks get any attention.

    I'm the GSTL at my store. I thought I was suppose to get full starbucks training so I could help with back up over there and cover breaks. I got one flipping day. You're suppose to have 40 hours of training to be Starbucks "certified". I know enough with my one 8 hour shift to make a frappacino.

    I realize payroll is tight but it still does not make it okay to neglect the the people who work in starbucks. They still need their breaks and extra help if they do get busy. And it's ridiculous that your front end team isn't helping you get the milk and other supplies you need.

    UGH! So frustrating!


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