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November 27, 2010 - maxpoot

There oughta be a law (or a lawsuit)

I just got back from Black Friday at a Target near where I live. What a joke. Target advertised what seemed to be one helluva sale on a high-definition TV. The store opened at 4 a.m. The line was long, and it was minus-zero windchill outside. We waited for an hour. We got inside. I headed straight for the TVs, but was told that the store had sold out. I looked at a clock. It read — 4:05 a.m.

This is blatant false advertising. Lure customers in, knowing full well that you have just a fraction of the product they want, and that you prominently advertised. Make them wait in the cold for an hour, let them in and then … surprise! But as long as you are here, won’t you shop for something else? This is an intentional scam, and people ought to sue this avaricious, crap-encrusted excuse of a corporation. I pity the poor souls who work for this heartless example of sick capitalism.


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  • goatface says:

    I understand how frustrating that has to be, but as an employee I can understand how that happened. When Target advertises, they make a single ad that covers every store. It doesn't matter if half of the stores don't even carry the item, it goes in the ad paper. Also, the back room only has so much space for every item we have in stock, and on big sale days like black friday things tend to run out pretty quickly. Ads for the week start on sunday, and end on saturday, so there is a good chance that the television was on sale all week long and most of them had already been bought out. Individual stores can't really call someone and say "hey, we need more of this very in demand item that every other store needs as well in time for black friday."

    Again, I sympathize, it is a crappy situation. There isn't really anything the store could have done about it though.

  • RedcardWarrior says:

    It's fun looking back on these posts. Do you guys remember when companies like Target weren't so greedy that they opened at the time you'd be sitting down for Thanksgiving dinner? I think it was 6pm this year, and only 5 years ago it was 4am.


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