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December 2, 2015 - OneTime

The Story of Why I Quit Target

Things to know about me before I begin, I make it an effort to treat all people with integrity, and I’m extremely sensitive (definitely something target does not appreciate)

Okay so I started off at Target in July, I was working three jobs but one only lasted a couple weeks and the other was extremely flexible. So I start there and the first day a lady who ran a register gave me this glare when she found out I was on register and just told me “It’s really hard.” which absolutely terrified me, but everything for the first few weeks however was incredible. The managers really liked me because I was more friendly than any other cashier, and I put the guest first. The only thing they didn’t like was the fact I didn’t get too many red cards which the reason for it was I didn’t believe in it before I was hired and I didn’t believe it then, so I only asked when the LODs or the managers up front were around. I got by with this very easily.

I was trained and it was supposedly the best person to ever train me, however she could not prepare me for what was to come. I constantly put myself under a lot of pressure to quickly get through customers and defined my day by what was on the screen. This was a very busy store, there were times I would be running through over a hundred guests before I went on a break. A problem with me I didn’t realize was going to become a problem until then was my stress can become so much it can cause my body to shut down and put me on hold at any given time. So there were some days I would work as hard as I could and when another team member was on break going through my line, they could tell how I was doing. One specifically saw I was not doing well and called over a manager and had me sit and eat something. Then I started working again and I called her over saying I felt worse and she took the time to talk to the ETL and let me leave (Bless her, she was wonderful and I miss her). I called off more days than I wanted to for this reason which is when I first started pondering putting in my two weeks. The second time I had to leave early, the manager directed me to the ETL since she agreed with me but I need confirmation that I could leave, so I do and she treats me as if I’m faking it even though I’m shaking, pale, and about to fall over. I leave extremely anxious and just treat it as something to complain about.

I start school and change my schedule but they still continue to schedule me 28-32 hours a week. I mean, I was flattered but I was a full time college music student who didn’t really have time for that. So I kind of stopped caring because consciously I was hoping for less hours. Finally the beginning of the end was near.

The stores in my area had this epidemic where people were handing out fake coupons that would still go through on the computer. I wasn’t aware of this and a guy went through my line and bought $500 worth of phone cases, then immediately after the manager told me to not take the coupons. I was terrified because I thought I had lost the store hundreds of dollars. So once she clocks out, I fortunately had a manager that I was very comfortable talking to. I ask him if I could talk to him and I tell him about what happened and instead of being mad, he calmly told me how to check the coupons so we wouldn’t have to deal with that again (Bless him too, he was my favorite). Well two days pass and I had rushed from school onto my shift (This is the last day I worked there). I was told at the beginning that there were extreme couponers and to make sure that I check the coupons, the manager told me this and another girl who didn’t show a good example on how to be a good cashier since she would just randomly leave her lane. Because of the situation from two days ago I assumed it was to check if they were fake or not. Right at the end of my shift they go through my lane and I treat them like any other guest with kindness and integrity. I check the coupons, the coupons go through, and suddenly the lady who wasn’t the manager runs up to me yelling at me saying I wasn’t checking the coupons correctly. I guess what they meant was to compare the coupons to what they just bought. And the coldness of how they both were treating these guests sickened me so much. They rejoiced when they left their items and stormed out of the store. I clocked out and I guess the LOD wanted to talk to me about it but now wasn’t allowed to.

I quit my next shift and said that it was all too much and now I’m not allowed to be hired at a Target again. I haven’t been to that target since, the memories are way too much for me still even though it has been two months since I have left.


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