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August 20, 2018 - SaltySusan

The store manager at location 1820 is either a psychopath or an imbecile.

I’ve been released of my servitude from Target for a few months and now that I’m free I’m hoping someone from corporate sees this and decides to do something about it.

This isn’t about some biased opinion because I didn’t like my job, or because my bosses were mean. I’m legit concerned about the remaining staff at the location and how the manager is potentially running the place into the ground and taking a few bodies with her into the rubble.

First and foremost, I’ve overheard senior staff, with the direction of the store manager, discussing how it doesn’t seem to matter how sick their employees say they are, they have to be pressured into coming in. If they fall ill while on shift, it’s technically the responsibility of the employee as it was their choice to come in. I’ve seen folks with lesser will power fall in line with the pressure with threat of losing their jobs and financial well being, and in one extreme case, one of my coworkers passed out an hour after clocking in.
Doctors notes are not taken.

I’ve seen a department (namely Starbucks ) halved because the store manager wanted to make an example out of what she concluded was poor behavior, meanwhile the work load was tripled on the THREE people she kept in the cafe. She does this once a year,according to long term staff members that were willing to talk to me and always in Starbucks for some reason? This last year she fired 4 of the baristas for eating samples, and then 2 more three months later for charging their phones at work. I understand the need to keep a firm hand, but termination without any kind of warning ( which was the case every single time ) for something that could have been a write up just seems unnecessary especially for a department that’s been perpetually under staff.

She reduces hours in the grocery department dramatically and then gives the work load to the shift lead, expecting him to come in hours before the store opens and stay until the trucks are unloaded completely and the poor guy looks to be in his mid 50s.

Basically the division of labor doesn’t make any sense and puts needless and ridiculous amounts of labor on whatever staff survives the Store Manager’s waves of termination. Lower staff get filtered out by the troves. She fires people for practically breathing out of rhythm, and covers up the drop in sales and consistency in staff by doing a giant remodel of the store.

And I’m going to tell everyone I know about it. I’m going to find out what else has been going on in this location and keep posting stories until someone sees them.
This woman is a bundle of nuts and shouldn’t be allowed to manage a store. People’s financial stability rely on her. Someone needs to do something about it.


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