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August 25, 2015 - Softlines Ninja

The rant of a softlines ninja

1. Being in softlines you see many atrocious things. As back to school rush is about to end, during it I saw blood, piss, and some green substance I don’t even want to question (all in girls).The fitting room is always a victim of some sort of bodily fluid whether purposefully or accidentally. I get sick all the time and I wonder about how breathing in the dust and chemicals off shirts will affect me in the future. While summer was coming in and bathing suits were all over the place they gave off the scent of period and sweat. Now, I understand that everyone’s got it tough especially the cart attendants but why do people have to be that disgusting?

2. Sometimes I get to be operator, and no it isn’t a sit on your toosh kinda deal. You got the people, the calls, and the baskets to tend to. The people usually always suck, there’s at least one every day that brings their tude with them to the store. “What do you mean I can’t try on underwear? You can try on bathing suits!” Excuse me, but bathing suits have a f—-ing protective lining imbecile and how the hell do you not know you’re underwear size you only wear it like everyday (unless you go comando? TmiTmi…). Or those other customers that walk up saying “I can just go in right?” Listen imbecile #2 what fitting room do you know just allows people to go in without counting your clothes or whatever the hell procedure they need to take to assure merchandise wont be stolen. They steal anyways.

3. Because I’m young I feel like upper management believes I can finish everything all by myself. I try which is why I’ve Transformed into a ninja but it’s a hard knock life. I’m thinking of wearing knee pads and a medical mask like the ones in japan to work. Gotta go hard or go home right? I feel a little jealous sometimes when the store closes and the echos of cashiers laugh as they walk around cleaning up their checklanes and one spot. Must be nice to have people around you. On the other hand I’m stressed out running up and down my zone picking things off the floor, last minute touch ups, tables, and the God forsaken clearance. It’s also not fair that many times softlines has to stay behind to finish zoning whilst everyone else gets to leave.

At the end of the day I think target is pretty cool, well, mine at least. Everyone seems to hate target or something. I just hate the customers who’ve many have been condemned to hell already by yours truly, in my mind


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  • survived spot says:

    Love the post. Softlines should always have the most TM on the floor.

  • TargetMinion says:

    I don't know how Softlines TMs put up working the fitting room. I had to cover some lunches there every once in a while because they had no other TMs in SL to put, or somebody called out, and I hated all 30 minutes of it. It felt like I was there for 30 hours. Ugh!


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