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June 22, 2019 - Redcardsuck

The Price Change Lady

I started writing stories about my bad experiences at Target. I thought it may be funny to share some of them here. If this isn’t allowed please delete.

The Price Change Lady

As we all know at Target cashiers or “checkout advocates” as they’re now called are given the authority to override price changes that are within $20. That is as long as they are deemed reasonable. As you can imagine this leads to some people abusing the system. But the person I will describe here took it to an entirely different level. So gather round folks and grab some popcorn as I regale you all with a tale. A tale of someone’s who’s cheapness is matched only by her ratchetness.

Does anyone remember a point in time Target started an initiative that more or less meant we needed to say YES to everything guests wanted? We still retained some of this policy but now it’s more within reason. Obviously some people took full advantage of this. That time when it was first rolling out is when this story takes place.

Now it’s not unusual for some guests to game the system. But none took it farther than one particular woman. Just for the sake of the story well go ahead and call her Velma. Miss Velma was quite a colorful character. Allow me to paint you a picture.

When she checked out she almost always smelled of cigarette smoke and frequently liked to complain about how terrible our store was. How disorganized it was, how the shoe department was a mess, the bathrooms were disgusting, etc. And when she wasn’t complaining about her awful shopping experience she was bragging about her husband and the endless struggles of being married to a very important cop who is always hard at work in the very dangerous white suburbs of Chicago. Poor Velma.

But the biggest issue she so conveniently seemed to have EVERY SINGLE SHOPPING TRIP. Was that her items ALWAYS seemed to ring up the wrong price. Every other item was a different price than what it rang up. Of course as cashier’s who must operate under the shitty “say yes to everything” business model, we had no choice but to honor it. As you can imagine her transactions were a form of punishment so slow and cruel it made some of our newer cashier’s quit because they simply did not have the mental fortitude to handle anymore. She was clearly gaming the system but there was nothing we could do about it because this is what corporate wanted.

Yet every week despite the miserable experiences she just kept coming back. When Miss Velma walked into the building all the cashiers immediately groaned just hoping PRAYING they wouldn’t be the ones stuck helping her. We’d all hide crouching down in our cubicles trembling in fear and trepidation hoping she wouldn’t notice we were open. This went on for quite a while. I want to say she got away with constant price challenges for roughly a month before management finally decided enough is enough and began to price check every single item that supposedly came up wrong.

Miss Velma however was not backing down. Even though every single price check would come back correctly, she would still insist the prices were wrong. Perhaps hoping if she made enough of a fuss cashier’s would just honor it. Finally our day of reckoning came when one day our manager had enough of her games. Well call her Linda.

Linda told her that she’s holding up the lines on a regular basis, That if she’s so dissatisfied with her experience she can take her business elsewhere, and she got her all the way together. Basically she read her bargain basic bitch ass for filth. It was absolutely beautiful. It’s safe to say Linda was the hero we all needed.

At this time I had moved to the Service Desk and I got to be the lucky one to deal with her when in her fit out rage she decided to return everything and ‘never shop here again”

What her dumbass didn’t know was. Any food that is returned goes to toss. But because we have pretty lineant management theyd let us eat the returned food because the alternative is that is gets thrown into the dumpster. So we put all her returned food in the break room and everyone got to enjoy some well deserved snacks. So thanks for that Velma. You sure showed us!

After a long time passed she did start shopping there again. However she never price challenged a single item again. For some odd reason she regularly places an order for 15 bags of Cinnamon Gummy Bears. Always the same day and the same time. Some say it’s to hide the smell of cigarettes on her breath so her heroic husband will still kiss her. Others say it’s because shes secretely a masochistic demon who enjoys breathing fire on small children. Nobody really knows.

Still her legend lives on in infamy. The manager who let her have it has since quit. But that lady left emotional scars on some of us that can never truly heal.


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  • Donotworkattarshit says:

    Wow that sounds terrible. I’m glad I don’t work at your store!!!!

  • poohbear80 says:

    I never understood how target has no problem losing money by incorporating bad policies and yet there is no money for payroll.

  • viciousdave says:

    When I worked it was always $20 or lower change it, higher than $20 turn on light for GSTL or ETL. I spoke to manager and HR one day and told them we are losing massive profits by changing prices all the time for the guests. We have limit it down to $10 change at least. They just go and tell me nah, we make a huge profit on everything, target charges $30 to $50 more on every product anyways. And yet you saw from my last post, target lost a huge profit over 2 weeks ago.


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