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January 31, 2013 - Jonestown

The Neiman Marcus Fiasco

OK.  So by now everyone knows that the Neiman Marcus/Target coupling was an epic fail.

At least corporate got smart and dumped the ugly ass stuff when it was at 70% off and didn’t go 90%.

Of course if you bought it you can’t return it, but hey at least you can brag you bought your daughter the ugliest bicycle on the planet for $150 instead of $400.  (She’d probably be less mortified and teased on a banana seat.)

The question is, how will this multi-million dollar flop hurt employees?

At least where I am they didn’t salvage the stuff by “best practice”  (english: throw out).  So you will probably see some homeless woman running around in a designer dress and local drunk man in a Navy blazer.  LOL.

Thoughts, fears, tales to tell already?


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