Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

June 27, 2015 - RedCardFairy

The Monsters aka guests

these guests take the prize. After years of coddling and being told “yes” and of making things right for them they are full-fledged monsters. is filled with people who feel entitled and justified to spew their angry hate about whatever trivial annoyance(real or imagined) directly at me. They feel justified in making personal attacks. More and more this job is like working in the cotton fields. People constantly complain about their lack of customer service while continue to want everything at a discount price.



Employee Experience / TargetSucks


  • targetbendsmeover says:

    I remember I had a guest try and return a pair of used flop flops, cause they stretched out. The things were nasty and gross. She try to give me a slip with a completely different number then on the shoes. I told her she needed to return them on an ID. She said she did not one on her and got agitated with me. When you do guest service after a while you get sick of people real quick. I throw the flip flops on the table and said, "there is nothing I can do for you" she the wanted to speck to my gsa. lucky for me we were tight and knew this woman found them in the dumpster or something and was pulling a fast one.

  • viciousdave says:

    Guests are terrible people. No wait that price is suppose to be 1.99 it said back there. Price on computer 2.99, hmm, you are people are so arogant and stupid that you want to save 1 weeny dollar. Go fuck yourself. Why didn't cartwheel work, damn it. No savings. Wahh wah. You have to take pictures with it on, IDK how to though I don't have a damn cell phone. Muslims are the worst, oh what that price wrong, ok, oh wait I can't afford these 6 things, take off, I pay now, ok, oh ok now I pay for those with cash. EGGHGHGHGHG! Get your bank card, pay, go home, it's that fucking easy! Get some dollars or use your bank card or a credit card, so fucking easy you idiot jerks. They live on food stamps so of course they can't save money anyway, on that program you have to have less than 500 your account. Well bitch, I have more than $5,000 in mine, I don't need no government hand outs fucker!

  • Silverfox says:

    yep customers are terrible people. They don't read the damned signs. Sign says xxxx for sale but need to buy it multiples of x to get the deal. Otherwise it's more expensive. And people are like but but but the sign didn't say it. No dummy, the sign says it right there. I can even recite what the sign says. Or say but but the sign didn't say there was a limit. Well the computer thinks the sign said so and you can't argue with the computer. They don't lie. Had one the other day go but but I thought those apples were 2.00 per kilo! No you idiot, it's 2.00 per pound. Kept arguing with me. lol made a show of calling the "cart attendant" and we both agreed it was 2.00 per pound. The idiot shut up xD

  • laylah8732 says:

    I'm so damn sick of cartwheel!!! That shit was invented by the damn devil

  • laylah8732 says:

    They always forget and then wanna hold up the damn line scanning all they foolishness!!

  • RedCardFairy says:

    Right!!! Cartwheel is such a pain, BS program. The people who sit there and scan each & every one of their entire cartload of crap drive me nuts. They are just stupid & rude lacking in consideration for everyone else's time all because they can't use the tool properly. The guests just suck plain and simple. No other store can you walk in and basically "name your price". These people know the system and take advantage.

  • mrsirsir says:

    I had a guest yell at me because I did not recognize his wave ad a way to get my attention. My etl actually threw him out of the store for it

  • vmj11 says:

    Had a guest last week threaten to call 1800 corporate because she signed up for an target credit card & got a denile letter in the Mail the week before. She wanted to still get the 5% off even after the denile letter. She claimed that someone had told her she still could get 5% off which is total bs knew she was lying! When she asked if she could still get 5% off : I'm sorry ma'ame you have to pay with the target red card to get the 5% off I told her, she than says to me well if I don't get 5% off I'm calling 1800 corporate and giving them your name!! Was soo pissed!! They really allow the guest to walk all over them!! No wonder they are losing millions!!!


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