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February 5, 2018 - funfacts

The key nightmare

I got a counseling due to the fact I left the GSA/GSTL keys beside a register tucked into the register and side panel while I went and got carts outside. I asked the other GSA (she was covering Guest Service) to get them but she claims she didn’t hear me. I told them they can pull the footage of me pointing at them and telling her while walking away. We were having a District Visit and they found my keys which was I know not the best timing to leave keys around. I have never been in trouble at Target and have been a GSA for 3 years. I am never late, I have no call outs while working with Target. We have other GSA’s whom have taken keys home on multiple occasions, and have even lost copies of the keys with no corrective action. Am I wrong to call the HR hotline and have them investigate my counseling. We also have GSA’s who have left bundles out with no action done either. I just don’t to cause more trouble nor do I want this on my record.


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  • Redcardsuck says:

    I am going to assume you meant "coaching" although I will admit if you work at Target long enough you will most definitely need counseling. I wouldn't contact the hotline about this. The hotline makes a report that goes directly to the district people. You'll only make things worse on yourself. I'm sure

  • Redcardsuck says:

    They were pressured to coach you by corporate. So let it go. Coaching doesn't mean anything unless you get a lot of them.


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