Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

November 19, 2012 - embers9

The customer is usually NEVER right.

I’ve been at Target for a little over a month and I’ve come to realize that the customer is never right. Yesterday i had some bitch come to my line and be a huge ice queen. She didn’t even acknowledge my friendly greeting. When I was done packing her shit she made a face and complained about how heavy it was when it wasn’t. She had me rebag it and was smirking the whole time. I wanted to wipe that smirk off her stupid face. I didn’t even say goodbye when she left. Stupid bitch. If I had been in line instead of working I’d have given that bitch a piece of my mind. Even the customer behind her said she was a huge bitch!


Later last night a pregnant Asian lady came to my line. She complained about something and it turned out she was wrong (as they always are) and then at the end she asks me something about her gift card but she asked in a way that was really complicated and I didn’t know what the fuck she was asking. I used the gift card to pay and then she got mad and said she’d just wanted me to check how much was on it. Well first off she DID NOT ask me that, she asked “Can you see if half is on it” and I was like wtf are you talking about?! Secondly, she has shopped at Target enough to know that she should’ve given me the gift card earlier. Stupid bitch.


A few days before that I had some dumb guy get super pissed at me because we needed to see ID for lighters (I don’t know if it’s the same everywhere, but here it is). I told him it was Target’s doing, not mine. He was still mad that we needed to see ID. He gave me attitude. I mean I could tell he was some middle-aged cracked out asshole, but the computer couldn’t. He threw his lighters at me. Oh well, I don’t give a fuck about him. Less tobacco clogging up our air.


I also hate dumb bitches who get mad when you turn your light off because you’re about to close. It’s YOUR FAULT you are at Target 5 minutes before closing. I don’t feel sorry for you and I HOPE you don’t get all your items purchased. Fuck you bitch.


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