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August 24, 2016 - thisplacesucks


So I applied to Target during the last week of May this year and got a call 2 weeks later from one of the managers who asked me was I still interested in the cashier position. I gladly said “Yes.” and I was told what day and time to come in for the interview. So I get there and I ask one of the associates “Could you tell me where are the interviews being held at?”She directs me to the backroom where the employees come in at asks who I had an interview with, I told her the woman’s name and she says “Ok.” So I was put in the break room waiting for my interview to start and finally I have the interview. When I tell you how easy it was to get a job there I mean it was EASY. All I did was repeat the same answers that I had in both interviews (the second one I had the lady and the first I had some guy who was another associate).  I was hired on the spot and was told how much I would be making and when my orientation would start. So, during the day of the orientation one of the HR’s shows us around the entire store and introduced us to one of the managers who were present at that time for the front end. This woman tells myself and another girl (we were the only new cashiers) that we had only 30 days for her to decide whether she would want to keep us or terminate us. Now I had this on my mind all day and night since I’ve heard those words only to find out it was complete and utter bullshit.

Fast forwarding nearly a month later, I was confronted by this manager again who tell myself that she had within 10-12 days to get rid of me if I didn’t sell enough REDcards. Now, I had a 2 week vacation that I recently got off from just a few days prior to this conversation so there was no way I could be held accountable for the amount of cards that I have sold because I was out on vacation. Immediately after I clocked out of work that day I called my mom very upset because of the news that I received. My mom calls the job and says that this woman denied that this conversation has ever existed repeatedly while on the phone. I was frustrated because at the time I had only sold 2 cards since I’ve been there because most of the people who shopped there either had a card already or just didn’t one at all (which I understood because 5% isn’t shit and it’s just another bill that would be added in your mail) but I still kept on asking my customers. I came home that afternoon teary eyed because I felt as though I had no control of this situation whatsoever and this is my only source of income that I have (but it wouldn’t be the end of the world for me because I live with my parents and I just graduated high school last year).

After this happened, my entire experience has changed over for the worst.

Since I had 2 stressful days off after this incident I came back to work and most of the associates who work at the front end started treating me differently. They were giving me negative vibes by being sarcastic while talking to me, throwing subliminal insults and me and even laughing and talking about me behind my back as well as looking at me all funny. So , I know that this woman must have went over and told everyone about what had happened over the phone. Never in my life have I experienced such rudeness. One of the managers on my job would every so often dance her way, yes I said dance, her way to my register and ask me had I sold any red cards about every 10 minutes as if I’m just magically going to get 5 cards within 10 minutes or whatever. Never in my life have I seen such unprofessional people be in charge and take advantage of the power of their position. But, I no longer felt alone knowing that I was not the only employee who was getting this treatment and seeing this happen. I used to think that Target was very professional but I was proven wrong because they make walmart of all places look like gods. I have so many stories to tell about this place’s unprofessional setting and the weird things that I have to go through with these customers.  So I had this one incident where some lady in my line gave her kid a bag of crackers and the kid spilled the crackers everywhere. I turn on my lane light to let get a manager over to my lane quickly before someone made more of a mess than there already was. It took this manager at least 5 minutes to come over to my line and we weren’t even that busy.This specific manager has to be one of the rudest and laziest people that I have ever met and it shows that she doesn’t give a damn about her job or what her position means as long as she gets a paycheck, she’s satisfied.

So she goes over to my line and rudely asks me “what?”, I say someone spilled crackers all over the floor. She proceeds to walk next to me without saying “excuse me” and looks over. She then walks away and asks me, no lie, she asks me “What is it? Is it a liquid or..?” I just sat there in silence for a second and said “It’s crackers.” About how stupid could you be to ask me if CRACKERS are a LIQUID? I couldn’t believe what I was hearing especially after the fact she leaned over my register and saw it with her own eyes. She comes back to my line 2 minutes later with a broom and a dust pan and stared at me the entire time I was ringing my customers out. She does absolutely NOTHING and just sits there while on her phone. She then walks over to my register and puts the broom and dust pan right next to me and walks away. I was speechless and did the job myself since she clearly didn’t care to clean up the spill. So she comes back about a minute later after I swept up the crackers and she proceeds to yell at me because of it and says that I shouldn’t have done it even though she clearly gave less than a shit about it and done nothing.  There has been times when I’ve seen this girl just sit on her phone and do nothing really to help the cashiers unless they’re friends of her’s.

I can say that I can’t until I get a new job and get out of this hell hole. The target managers only care about how many red cards are sold and nothing else. Forget the fact that you work hard and have to deal with customers who try to get you in trouble by getting you under pressure to change prices for them so they could walk out the store and spent practically nothing or those who like to make a big scene over things so stupid. This place sucks because they only care about those cards that in which gives them bonuses on their paychecks at the end of the day while us cashiers do all the dirty work and get nothing in return. At this point I’m just fed up because I can’t report these because from what I’ve read, the integrity line is the snitch line where they just tell the person who put in the complaint about them, but these people are really good friends with each other and can get away with everything they do.


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  • MrSharkNasty says:

    Yeah again sounds accurate, however I have a major issue. "I live with my parents and I just graduated high school last year." So you're over the age of 18 and a grown adult? "My mom calls the job and says that this woman denied that this conversation has ever existed repeatedly while on the phone." Why would your mom call your place of employment to question your bosses? This is very juvenile and very immature! Your mom has no place doing such a thing, this responsibility falls on your shoulders now! Your mother is doing you no favors by babying you like this. You need to learn to stand up for yourself!!!!! I can imagine things did get worst after this happened, because as bad as that other person is it makes you look like a weak individual who is an easy TARGET!


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