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February 16, 2021 - moneybagzz99

Termed for walking out

So about a week ago I start my shift in STAT which is what I was hired for I also push all over the store and help fullfillment when needed at my Target and so my SD comes up to me and complains that the zone is never good (I do as much as I can in a 4 hour shift also stat is located at the front of the store a straight dump zone for guests) and goes on my discontinued are the highest and my labels are wrong. She’s up my ass about it (also why tf has nobody ever told me I should be taking care of those isn’t that what the TL and ETLs are for??) we had a corporate visit the next day so she goes on about how it has to be done and when I tell her I don’t think I can push truck, zone to her standards, and repacks for STAT in four hours she looks at me like I’m stupid. Typical target asking the impossible and wondering why shit isn’t done right. Anyways I’m so overwhelmed and annoyed at how unprofessional she just handled that so I take my 15 (in my car and on the verge of tears was already having a bad day I always go outside for my break) I come Back in still pissed off that all that shit got blamed on me when i work all over and am not even the only one working in the section all the time and nobody would say shit if corporate wasn’t up their ass about it. So I’m like fuck it put my stuff away and clock out about an hour and a half earlier then when my shift would end . My ETL sees me walking out and goes now where are you going and I say “I’m leaving”. I was close with a lot of other team members and told them about it and they said I probably would just get a warning. So I show up for my next shift and sure enough get called into the office and told what I did was “job abandonment” and I’m terminated just like that. I only had one previous warning for leaving early one time and now just like that (prolly bc I basically said fuck you to the SD) I’m terminated 🙂 I had been there about a year. Does the termination even make sense?


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  • TargetSucks says:

    Consider it a blessing. There are much better jobs out there waiting for you.

  • Donotworkattarshit says:

    Oh I completely agree there's better and less stressful places to work than Tarshit. At least they won't be able to abuse you anymore.

  • Tarbucks Slave No More says:

    Eh, it's not an ideal way to leave, but there are far worse ways too. Besides, with the way you were being treated, you deserved to walk out like that! As someone who left Tarshit over two years ago and still lurk on this blog, I can confirm there are much, MUCH greener pastures awaiting you.


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