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November 20, 2012 - TargetSucks

Target’s response to its Black Thanksgiving opening

Straight from Target’s website…-black-friday/

Are team members forced to work or prohibited from requesting Thanksgiving or Black Friday off?
There is no corporate policy mandating that people have to work on Thanksgiving or Black Friday and our staffing needs vary from store to store. Across the company, about one-third of Target’s store team members are scheduled to work on Thanksgiving and less than two-thirds of our team members are scheduled to work on Friday. Team member preferences were considered when creating the schedules and our store leadership teams are continuing to have conversations with their team members to address any concerns.

I think there should be a correction…YES Team Members are told they have to work Thanksgiving…they are not given a choice or asked to work.


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  • Hate_Me says:

    Hahaha wow, that is such bullshit. "Less than 2/ on Friday"? Hmmm...I seem to remember being threatened with termination for each of the 5 years I worked for Target, if I called in on Black Friday. Luckily I quit before "Black Thursday" emerged.

  • m says:

    Our store said everyone is required to work Black Friday no matter what part of the store you work in.

  • Angry_Bastard says:

    I quit Target before they started doing Black Thursday as well. Now some other cart attendant will get to work it for that extra dollar and raid the fucking Ruby Tuesday-catered break room and grab all of the cold food he wants. (The store I worked at did Ruby Tuesdays; don't know about anyone else's store.)

  • targetbendsmeover says:

    They had that stupid "guess how much money we will make on black Friday thing" and I wrote "YOU SPELLED THURSDAY WRONG" on the piece of paper. it made me feel happy (for a minute anyway).

  • takemethere says:

    Total bullshit. Team members were not asked at loads of stores and some were asked to sign some bullshit paper that they will work. Some team members are scheduled back to back at some if not most stores. They come in on Thursday night and then again black friday morning and some back to close. What about those tm who have 2 jobs. Alot of the stores are still ill prepared for the rush due to poor or inadequate staffing, training, attendance issues and lost of equipment such as pda's and walkies. All these new l.o.d's and some stl's and senior tead leads might as well be mannequins because they are clueless as to what they are truly in for. Employees are not happy. Morale is at an all time low. Forget about B.O.B and L.I.S.A and all the fake checks, fake and stolen credit/debit cards passing through Target's doors. By now every Target team members know that it is not worth it for when review time comes around they are totally fucked with the low meager raises. Seems like some of us have to kiss ass and play favorites for a little 3%/4% raise. The one thing Target will learn this year is that their hunger and greed for early thanksgiving sale /black Friday and Saturday sales will come at an expen$e for a total loss in sales. I already did the math. Did you?

  • Misused_Resource says:

    What about the fucking stupid redcards. MY STL always says" Hey team I haven't heard anything about those redcards, let's get them rolling( as she sits in her fuck office or the AP room and watches us on the cameras like howard hughes). Every time I thing " Redcards are rectangular, learn your fucking shapes bitch.

  • ERROR_AM_I says:

    I hope someone somewhere posts as a response to this official report a picture of the message post my STL used to always put up where it explicitly states "All team members must work Black Friday, it's Company Policy"

  • bestdayever says:

    First off, yes, store team members are blocked from requesting any time off from about mid November through January 1st. Planning to get together with your family for the holidays and need two days off to go visit them? Tough shit, better start praying to the Target gods that they schedule you that way because no amount of pleading or talking to TL's, ETL's or STL's is going to help.
    Second, while their numbers are accurate, it is a requirement to work Black Friday and now Thursday. Yeah only 1/3 of store team members work on Thursday, but most of those are going back on Friday for an additional shift. Friday less than 2/3 work because a lot of Team Leads and ETL's happen to take their vacation time right about then, some team member's refuse to work that day(in which cases they are reprimanded or fired) and some don't show up.
    So basic math shows that 1/3 + 2/3= the entire store, so even if one or two people don't work black Friday, they can technically get off saying that less than 2/3 don't work that day.
    In addition to that, last year at my store(which I quit a few months ago), about 15 people were hired JUST for Black Friday and were told straight up that they would only be working that one day, but if they did well, then they would be hired for the full season next year. So basically they hire you for two days(4 hours of training, then black friday) with the promise of hiring you for a whole entire three months if you do well during that one day you're thrown to the wolves after a measly 4 hours of less than adequate training.
    Lastly, from what I've heard from my friends still left working at the soul suck which is more commonly known as Target, those who were forced to work Thursday had to work 8:30pm-5am and after about 10pm the store was dead and they sat around bullshitting for the next several hours without anything to do, yet were told that no one could leave early because at any moment they could experience a rush of guests coming from a competitor store that had different opening hours. Yet, coincidentally, more than 1/2 of the ETL's and TL's left an hour after the store opened, because they had to be there to open, so heaven forbid they miss any sleep. Also, more than half of those poor team members that had to work through the night in an completely dead store had to be back to work the closing shift on Friday. Great business practice.

  • Feedup2 says:

    I hate bullying guests for Redcards. I REALLY hate Great team cards and now those dumb ass vibe cards?? Are we in fucking kinder garden?? Well, some of the kids working here act like it. I am so tempted to write one to one of the many slackers who are a waste of air. Thanks for doing such a great job doing FUCKING NOTHING !!!!


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