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August 18, 2010 - TargetSucks

Target = Racist and Anti-Gay

Here’s a recent story of Target causing trouble:


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  • cartpusher says:

    I worked at target and a guest got me fired over a cd she went crazy on me, called me stupid, and I was nice, a guest dose not have that right, I walked away and two weeks after target lied and said the guest said I swore at her, abd I have prof on the Video cams, So Target sucks for firing me of a Bitch ass guest, the lady from Cardersville CD did not work, well next is I can sue that Guest on my first Amendment rights, and target, yes thats right people if you get fired over a lie you can sue. but the job sucked any way, and I like this website, this is good to get back at them with. plus I have gay friends and target sucks for Diversity

  • sybil51_2000 says:

    Target in the tri state area of NY is not hiring anyone over 40 and dont have retail experience
    NY and NJ I did a shop on them mystery shop and I counted in the tri state area only 20 people who looked over 40 the rest looked like they stepped outof high school and had no retail knowldege whichis what they want

  • iHateTarget says:


    That is so true Target likes them young and inexperienced because it gives them the upper hand. If they hire older people who have more experience and know what they are doing then they can't cheat their employees like they would younger and inexperienced employees. What they are doing is so wrong but because of the stupid At-Will law they can hire and fire whoever they want to.

  • Tired.Ass.Cashier says:

    I totally agree. I am 1 of maybe 6 blck ppl at my job and the rest of the 35-40 employees are white. I always seem to get a break whenever they feel when certain gsa's are running the floor. And most of the time I am the only blck cashier and I could be standing at the end of my lane looking fast and fucking friendly and these guests walk right past me to another checklane and my gsa gets mad at me because I didn't take them.. but I can smell hostility once it gets close enough..

  • blackangel91 says:

    im bein cockblocked out of a promotion in market n i get paid $8.07

  • buymeamovie1st says:

    That story must be a MN thing. Down here at my store we've had 2 very gay GSTLS and a gay ETL who is still there. Half of the staff is wither black or hispanic. Target down here just wants a warm body to be a be a cold robot regardless of all that. they'll accept the soul of anyone to feed their machine and line their pockets


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