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April 26, 2018 - Target_sucks696969

Target Protection Specialist

Howdy! If you are considering becoming a TPS or wonder what we go through on an almost daily basis, please read this line by line.

I have been a Target Protection Specialist also known as TPS for (insert a number of years over 1 but less than 6 here). (may reveal identity) Before i begin my “rant”, if you want to call it that i need to make several things CRYSTAL clear first. I still work at Target and my reputation is somewhat upstanding within the company. Attendance has always been something i take pride in, I always show up to my shifts on time and looking sharp. I rarely ever call out and if i do, it is for good reason. I have also rarely used vacation time, so the point being i am very reliable. Yet i have never been so miserable in my life. The job is good but the COMPANY SUCKS! No, this “rant” will not give away Target’s AP secrets, i do not intend, nor will i reveal crucial security gaps that will leave Target vulnerable to more theft. This rant will consist of several parts including of but not limited to (not in any particular order): AP directives (what they are and how they are abused), What a PMR and KTR is and how that effects numbers, Performance expectations within AP, ETL-AP job description, Asset Protection Specialist (APS) job description, AP business partners(district leaders for AP) job description and how they interact with the AP team, How the AP directives can be used against any AP team member if they are not favored by other ap team members,  how target ALLOWS theft yet pressures the AP teams to get more PMRs and Apprehensions while also following the Directives at the same time. Let’s get started shall we. Grab a nice cup of milk and some cookies, you may be here reading this a while.

What is a Target Protection Specialist and what are some of their daily tasks? What is a PMR and what is a KTR?

~Well a Target Protection Specialist (according to Target website) is responsible for the safety and physical security of your store team and guests by providing a presence on Target property. You will use guest service and intelligence led tactics to support a prevention culture. Well as a TPS myself,  let me tell you that is a generally accurate description of the job but Purposely vague. As a TPS, i do a lot of merchandise protection, which consists of spider wrapping valuable items in various sized boxes which may include Dyson vacuums and small high-dollar electronics. I also do A LOT of DVD, cosmetics and men’s razors merchandise protection, and can end up merchandise protecting all of the liquor if i am at a store which has a liquor section. At times, this can be very very time consuming and monotonous, especially when flow team members are instructed to just not worry about merchandise protection. Here at Target, we also have something called an empty package bin. This Bin is for ANY empty package found on the sales floor. Team members who find them on the sales floor are SUPPOSED to write the name, date and time and where they found the empty package. This is so when the TPS comes to empty the bin, the TPS can more easily find who had possibly stolen the merchandise, which can lead to a Known Theft Report (KTR). A Known Theft Report (KTR) is a report written in a Target Exclusive system called Target Case Management (TCM). Once theft is Identified, you will now be able to enter the theft into this system. A KTR consists of a Synopsis (usually no more than 3 or 4 sentences) of what the report is about and then the Main portion (which can be up to three paragraphs depending on how detailed you are), which can sometimes edge up to 500 words depending on how long perps were in the building. Within the KTR, there should always be a picture of the individual(s) along with a vehicle shot if possible. FYI – (we do not even have to see you conceal the item, you could have just been the last person to touch it. You could have picked up an item, walked into a blind spot and then dropped it, then some other guy actually takes it, but we just never see that. So be aware, Target will write your ass up in their system if they even think you stole an item if you last touched it and it is missing.) According to the higher ups, KTR’s are important and not a bad thing to be writing up. Yet again, they are not a PMR. A PMR is a Productive Merchandise recovery and according to higher ups should be a MAIN function of every TPS next to assisting in apprehensions. PMR’s also have to be documented in TCM similar to a KTR. The only difference is when you are documenting a PMR, you never say how you ACTUALLY got the merchandise back. When a PMR is written up in TCM, we usually always say, “TPS presence was made known and the merchandise was recovered” This usually means that we went up to them and asked for our shit back, just like that. Cause you know, boosters and career thieves are not deterred by just standing there and being a cart organizing, glorified greeter door vagina… This leads me to the topic of Directives.

What are Asset Protection Directives?

~Well the Asset Protection Directives is a list of DOs and DO NOTS. There are Specific rules on how to do almost everything in AP, except daily routines such as cleaning out the AP bin and merchandise protection. Other than those two things, there are Rules for everything. There are Specific Rules for Parking lot patrols, Receipt checks, how to conduct surveillance, apprehension requirements (which are the longest), PMR requirements (which are the shortest and purposely most vague), Inspection of team member work space directives (most likely for ETL-APs) , and my favorite, Conflict of Interest Directives. Due to the Directives being CONFIDENTIAL, for now i will only reveal the important conflict of Interest Directives and the PMR directives.

Conflict of Interest Directives

1. Existing conflict: a conflict of interest exists when one or more of the following apply:

A. An AP TM is employed by other business that competes with Target or in a security position with another retailer that involves apprehending shoplifters or dishonest TMs.

B. An AP TP TM’s other employment conflicts with scheduling or court commitments.

C. An AP TM’s other employment is a paid, sworn LE position where a TM is employed by a government entity in any community.

D. An AP TM’s other employment is with a company in which Target does business with and would require interaction with Target on their behalf.

E. THE MOST IMPORTANT! An AP TM has a personal relationship with another TM in the store.

2. AP TMs working in non-AP roles: Due to the unique responsibilities associated with Assets Protection, AP TMs are NOT permitted to work in non-AP positions within the same store.


PMR DIRECTIVES (the most ill-defined jumbled bits of words that protects Target, and only target, not the team member being pressured to make more recoveries)

The following requirements apply to all PMR’s

1. AP TM’s shall not: 

A. Approach or make contact with a subject believed to be in possesion of a weapon.

B. Touch or search a subject or any of their possessions in an attempt to recover merchandise.

C. Use any manner of intimidation (verbal or non-verbal) in an attempt to recover merchandise.


2. AP TM’s shall:

A. Disengage from a subject that issues threats or begins to physically act out.

B. Document all merchandise recoveries in TCM. 


I seriously hope that after reading the PMR directives, that you see what is wrong. Yes you read it correctly, we are not allowed to ask for merchandise back if we have seen them conceal it and they attempt to exit the store. I know some smart ass ex TPS or APS will reply to this saying “but Target_sucks696969, if you would just follow directives you would not have any problems.” well my response is as follows. When I, as a TPS is being constantly pressured to make more PMRs, get numbers and “perform”, it is nearly impossible to recover any merchandise following those vague ass directives. God forbid you get caught asking for merchandise back on camera. Yes, i have been caught breaking directives on camera before and nearly got termed for it. I still do not regret it, there is no other way to get numbers. Target EXPECTS their AP teams to put their jobs on the line and break directives, or they expect a miracle to happen and that the thieves, will all of a sudden feel the need to give items stuffed down their crotch back to you before they exit the store.

I remember when i was a naive Non AP TM. I always thought being a TPS would be so cool and that i bet they do not do anything. Well i was WRONG. I was mesmerized by the videos on youtube of how cool apprehending someone looked.


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  • bigrog44 says:

    I worked at Target for years. One thing I would never ever do for Target is to work security the AP position. They don't pay enough. I mean you I work at Fort Detrick and and they get paid at least 25 $30 an hour. Target probably only going to pay you no more than $12 an hour. I don't want to get paid $12 an hour and risk getting beat up by somebody by me trying to catch somebody stealing. I really don't think there's anything wrong with the company Target. I think it's the management that is running Target is the problem. I used to love working for Target at one point in time but these days they changed the rules so many times that they don't know what to do with themselves. They want me to kiss their ass just so I can get my respect. I don't believe in doing that.

  • spirals73 says:

    $12 an hour?? I make nearly $15 answering billing questions on my butt behind a desk all day. These people need a raise.

  • Target_sucks696969 says:

    Was not done writing this and admin/owner decided to publish it, cool.......this is INCOMPLETE.

  • private gone public says:

    I would like to comment on the store detective's very well written assessment and concerns regarding loss prevention and practices at the Target store.
    I did 16 years of corporate and store level lp and then went into private sector where I have spent over 5 years. I most recently found myself in criminal defense work where I now from time to time rip to shreds bad cases from retailers. Most of the issues I find come from an overall lack of understanding of lp culture and the inordinate amount of stress regarding productivity.
    I would like to just have on your radar a few things.
    Your understanding of the complex organization, culture, goals and objectives of a person in lp is tremendously valuable and truly a specialized skill set. No one knows how we do or have done what we do. No one that is prosecuting your cases and defending the cases understands it.
    Never did I think after being in inveatigative law enforcement that now in criminal defense would I be pulling from my retail experience. Fyi I was a store detective, lpm, dlpm, internal investigator, manager of internal and in orc for the last 7 years of it.
    Putting bad guys in jail is rewarding. But helping innocent folks that go back to really poor sloppy work product that resulteded in a person wrongfully accused is even more rewarding.
    I encourage you all to be mindful that YOU are the complainant in these cases. Not the police..not even target. You!
    And the liability if a risk is taken gets placed on your shoulders.
    And if I have the case I do exactly that. Go after the complainant. Everything from personal cell phone records, access to every cases you have ever prosecuted, all internal documents pertaining to the case ie online case reporting, your review, every email you have ever sent, conference call notes, your training guide and copies of any disciplinary matters, ovs tracking and surviellnace notes...list goes on and on.
    So be mindful of what you are signing up for. Please don't take risks being no one will back you and the end of the day. Keep personal notes if you're dealing with productivity stress. And again don't let the stress of cases cause you to take a risks. It's not worth opening your self up to tremendous scrutiny and liability legally.
    Be safe out there!


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