Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

March 1, 2014 - princess_5551


I have had so many jobs in my life, but target is the worst fucking job I have ever had in my life, i wish they closed all targets in the world, the most fucking ridiculous job i have ever had in my life, the team leaders are fucking bitches who think they are the shit, they schedule one person to do everything and get everything done on like 4 hours, they never used to send me on my breaks, i went like 2 months without ever getting my 15 minute break because they only scheduled one fucking person and said nobody could cover for me fucking, management is horrible and scheduling is horrible, there is no relashionships with team leads and regular employees, and its all based on preference on who kisses the most ass gets the most hours. target is a horrible horrible place to work at. it was the worst mistake i ever did in my life applying to target. all TEAM LEADS ARE FAKE AS HELL, they will smie at who they want to then turn their back and yell at you….


annoyingass walkies hella loud all day, team lead everywhere pressuring everyone and being bitches.

even one time i saw a LOD yelling at a poor disabled guy who worked there as a cartattendant, he was slow L the lod was yelling at him being so mean. i just wanted to punch the hell out of her face.


all of the gstls and LODs are fucking assholes at the target i worked at, they thought they where the shit,


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  • Silverfox says:

    check out my post. You may just get your wish yet. Wal-mart is wiping the floor with them up here.

  • viciousdave says:

    When you don't get your 15 minute breaks or your 30 minute lunch break, you are for certain to report to HR, and if HR does nothing than report it to a form of the police to get the United States government for encroachment of the federal labor law which any entitlement of business will endure consequences for not obeying the labor law of your state. You have the right to report any labor law violation as labor law restrictions and requirements by employer are required to be posted on the walls at your job. If I were you, I'd fuck the business over by reporting them to the BBB, the police, and the federal government.

  • shellzbellz says:

    "fun fast friendly" I wish I never fell for it I'm still in a living hell from working there.


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