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January 20, 2013 - Jonestown

Target is the right name

I so need to get out of there.

If there is one common thing throughout this site is that if you don’t fit a certain clique, style, cult, whatever — you are doomed.

HR, STLs, ETLs and TLs truly do Target team members.  There are conversations about who “we need to get rid of.”

Pretty much if you’re not liked, you’re on the list.  If you have personality, you’re on the list.

I had to tell HR “absolutely not, she generates more Red Cards than most of the staff,” when they tried to ear-mark a top performer for “counseling” or “coaching” because she has a out-going personality.  So much for fast, fun and friendly.

Another one was let go, though improving and all, because the STL, HR, ETL and other TLs found her to be too outspoken and questioning.  Despite all her texperience and knowledge we basically were told to “get rid of her.”

Another team member, unbeknownst to her, has been marked because, “she’s pregnant and will be leaving in a few months anyway.”

I have worked in some companies with questionable tactics but this is unbearable.

I was truly asked to come up with a list of team members to “get rid of.” Now I have to focus on “coaching” and “counseling” them to get them out.  When I brought up an underperfoming favorite of the leadership, I was told no.  When I rated a top performer as “Amazing” I was told I can’t do that because they hadn’t been there long enough, though another top performer who is well liked went through.

Get it — Target is the behaviors of management.

I can truly understand why so many employees just walk out.



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  • takemethere says:

    True that. The stores are so corrupt from stl. hr and etl perspective and they pick and choose who they are going to write up. Time to call the e.e.o.c There is a loop hole in the system. It is just a matter of time before all the corruption in some of these these stores go viral and Target gets slapped with a multi-million dollar law suit like Marshalls did in 2002(and they lost). The integrity hot line is indeed an oxymoron like some one wrote earlier in a previous post as the hr and the stl will retaliate against you in the way they talk to you, cut your hours, attempt to micro manage you and write you up etc. Many employees do walk out like you said from what i have seen and heard of in our district-team members, team leaders, senior team leaders, etls and a couple stl's. It is sad because Target wasn't always like this. Certain dtl's and i believe dtl hr serves no purpose in resolving issues in the stores resulting from relations between the executive staff and the rest of the team. And because the ongoing issues are unresolved hate keeps building up in these stores. Open door policy is a joke and talk is cheap. It is amazing to see how all the executive staff come together with a sense of fake urgency and sweat on the days when the stores are getting a district or corporate visit only to retire to laziness and extended breaks after the visits are over. Back to the usual. Take heed. Believe it or not. A senior team lead once told me that after years of service at Target, you finally become the Target.

  • doomed says:

    IT's exactly the same at the DC's! Funny I just posted about the GL's claiming they have to come up with a list to get rid of. Because that is exactly what just happened! Also if you are ready for retirement they give you a year to get ready before hand. Don't even think you will make it through that year! You won't ruining your retirement!

  • Jonestown says:

    OMFG! Really. "Every week we want you to take the worst three performers and write them up."

    Ummmm ... then I'm told I have to write up a top performer for over 4 months for one bad week. Really? So I say no.

    "Well you'll have to have a 'seek to understand.'

    AKA: You just made the list.

    Inexperienced people with no skills in managing/coaching following the "brand."

    It's like a friggin' sorority, fraternity, "Mean Girls ..."

    Wait, no, it is --- "Heathers!"

  • buymeamovie1st says:

    You are a Target at Traget if you:

    Are friendly towards your fellow coworkers
    Are not a robot
    Dare question a LOD when they tell you you haven't zoned a aisle you just zoned
    Dare complain about 16 hours a week when you were hired for full time
    Have any sense of individualism
    Dare ask how to do something you are assigned to do but were never trained for.
    And much more!

  • Jonestown says:


    Annual reviews are a joke. Before it is even written your rating is determined in a secret meeting with HR, the ETL and the TL. Pretty much HR and the ETL tell the TL what they want the rating to be. That actually becomes set in stone.

    Then the TL has to tailor the review to the rating.

    Praying my interview tomorrow goes well.

  • quitters_win says:

    I agree the annual reviews are already determined based on favoritism. I hope my former STL and ETL all burn in hell with HItler and if they don't than I'll burn them myself so they better pray that they don't run into me.

  • 3m_ta3 says:

    Everyone is right, the STL, ETL-HR, ETL's and Senior Team Leaders all weight in on whether to keep you (if your liked) or make plans to get rid of you (if your not like &/or a part of the "in" crowed).


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