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  • January 20, 2013 - Jonestown

    Target is the right name

    I so need to get out of there.

    If there is one common thing throughout this site is that if you don’t fit a certain clique, style, cult, whatever — you are doomed.

    HR, STLs, ETLs and TLs truly do Target team members.  There are conversations about who “we need to get rid of.”

    Pretty much if you’re not liked, you’re on the list.  If you have personality, you’re on the list.

    I had to tell HR “absolutely not, she generates more Red Cards than most of the staff,” when they tried to ear-mark a top performer for “counseling” or “coaching” because she has a out-going personality.  So much for fast, fun and friendly.

    Another one was let go, though improving and all, because the STL, HR, ETL and other TLs found her to be too outspoken and questioning.  Despite all her texperience and knowledge we basically were told to “get rid of her.”

    Another team member, unbeknownst to her, has been marked because, “she’s pregnant and will be leaving in a few months anyway.”

    I have worked in some companies with questionable tactics but this is unbearable.

    I was truly asked to come up with a list of team members to “get rid of.” Now I have to focus on “coaching” and “counseling” them to get them out.  When I brought up an underperfoming favorite of the leadership, I was told no.  When I rated a top performer as “Amazing” I was told I can’t do that because they hadn’t been there long enough, though another top performer who is well liked went through.

    Get it — Target is the behaviors of management.

    I can truly understand why so many employees just walk out.