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March 4, 2020 - targetisevil

Target is evil and dishonest.

First of all, thank u for this website, it is very informative.  Briefly my story with dealing with Target has been a nightmare.  Briefly as possible, I was severely injured by a Target employee and despite the fact that they are one of the best CSI crime labs in  the country, the videotape evidence, above the cash register, went “MISSING and/or DISAPPEARED.”  They put me through HELL and told me in effect, prove it, how can u prove it, when they destroyed evidence.  Looking online, Target does this often, in the the law it is called SPOLIATION. But the videotape only goes missing, when they are at fault.  In my case, they relentlessly bullied and went back to my birth, investigating me, knowing more about me than I know about myself. As well as obtaining illegal information about me, a high school report card, but when it showed almost a 4.0 GPA  they moved on to other things.  Target hires worldwide law firms with unlimited financial resources and bullies you to the point where you want to give up. Not only was I victimized once by all of the injuries, both physically and financially but by their evil, corrupt, dishonest and deceitful tactics. I have searched online and mine is not the only case, they have a long history of the videotape evidence going MISSING when a person is actually harmed and injured. They need to be renamed “TARGETGATE.” Most people are unaware of their CSI, videotaping capabilities, some of which has been discussed on this forum. Your average shopper is not aware of their world class CSI capabilities except when they cause you injury and than they became worse than a Mom and Pop store. They have no morals, ethics or scruples, when you cause someone life changing injuries, take responsibility. Target’s counsel will terrorize and bully you to death, you will be bullied to the point where you will be tempted to drop the case or do worse. How UNFAIR is it, when they have caused injuries that forever changes your life and than to have your whole life examined under a microscope. All videotape was backed up on servers and could be accessed at any time. Target obtained thousands and thousands of information and documents on me and provided less than 5 pages, if that, of documents to me.The public should be aware if Target causes you an injury, not only will they not take responsibility, but in my case they will hide the damning evidence, bully and terrorize you relentlessly. How this corruption has not been exposed is unbelievable to me but the public should be aware of it., Thanks for allowing me to share my tragic story which has destroyed my life physically, financially and emotionally FOREVER.


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  • Donotworkattarshit says:

    Yes Tarshit is pretty dishonest. If you don’t have proof of happened they pretty much tell you to fuck off. They aren’t gonna give you proof against them.

  • ftargetandtheirmanagers says:

    I have worked for target three times now. Each time worse than the last. My current location i am at (quitting in two months if I don't get fired for calling out yesterday for a school test that had to be taken between 12pm-3pm) the head of hr told us if we get hurt on the job we get fired immediately


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