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April 24, 2014 - DestroyTarget

Target is Driving Me Nuts

Target is ridiculous. No matter how many times I remind Target, they always think it’s ok to schedule me to work during school hours, and this time, it’s during the week of Final Exams. Now I have to miss two work days because of they won’t listen to me and ignore what I message them through MAX Self-Service, so this week, I only have one workday. Our cash registers STILL aren’t updated and fixed. They still lag, freeze, and reboot at the worst of times. The GSTL’s take forever just to get me more change. They told the cashiers not to put on our lane blinkers, and to instead press the Help button and select “Get GSA/GSTL”. The message that is sent is either ignored or they have their PDA’s (or whatever they are) on mute! It hurts so much just to take a few minutes to get me cash and reload my cash register to the point that I have to move to several other cash registers because they haven’t been loaded with money, either! The GATLs also forget to tell you when to go on your break or lunch. You could remind them and they’d still forget a few seconds later. Then the LODs wonder why you have two meal compliances in a row (like me). If I go on my break without permission, I get coached and lectured that I have to get permission to leave, first. Also, I can’t sell a single redcard, either. No one wants one, and five percent only decreases one’s total by a few pennies. Who would want that card? An acquaintance of mine was very dissatisfied with the ten cents or so deducted from the amount she had to pay for her groceries. The fact that GSTLs keep reminding me that getting my own redcard increases my score is plain stupid. If I get the card, what am I going to do with it? I don’t shop online, I don’t return any I buy, and I don’t want to donate anything to any schools. It’d be a useless piece of plastic to me. Since I have the lowest score. I’ll be moved to soft lines, though no one is sure exactly when I’ll be moved to soft lines. I can’t stand this place. I should start studying for an office job; I wouldn’t mind that.


Target Sucks!!!


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  • viciousdave says:

    That's odd. In my store, you can not have another position until you reach a good amount of red card sales as cashier. Than you can finally perfect some other area you'd like to be in. All people are kind of different of course, but in my store, I got an opportunity to do something else once, but overall I didn't like it, doing back room stocking that is. Few months after that my store manager sudingly decides that now you have to perfect your area you in first before a new area you can be in. It's like what? Seriously, if your not good somewhere than obviously you'd be better somewhere else. My store has become damn stupid as shit too.

    • DestroyTarget says:

      At my store, we do have to sell a good amount of Redcards to be moved to another position, but that comes to show how low my score is. Does the company expect me to force the card onto my customers and make them uncomfortable and annoyed? If they don't want one, they don't want one. Nothing I can do.

  • disgusted says:

    Nothing is more true or exactly "on the ball" then the stories that hit the website here today.

    The ONLY thing that will make things change at all at tarshit, is for people to stop spending money there. Until this happens,, the bullshit will continue and gregg and his cronies in Minneapolis will just keep raking in the green stuff and laughing. everyone must stop spending money at tarshit, it is the only language these morons understand.

  • fucktarget says:

    We used to have people on the schedule weeks after they quit or got fired for stealing. We would wonder why HR did not take them out of the system if they saw AP escorting them out of the building!!! Do you think they are coming in for their next shift? Sometimes the employees would know that someone had quit and was not coming back. The next day, the dumbass LOD would be like I wonder where so and so is when they would not show up for their shift. How do we know they quit and you didn't? Fucking tards!!!!

  • disgusted says:

    Its because ETL's just don;t care, they really don't. As long as there is some body, alive and kicking that showed up, its all these useless wads of turd care about. Even if only one person showed up, for an area that really needs 3, they just don't care. Even STL's still call people who have quit, not using whatever amont of brain they have, hi, would you like to come in,....oh, which part of take your tarsit job and shove it didnt you understand a whole 2 weeks ago????? No word of a lir, ETL's and STL's are just air head dumb stupid. Its sad really!!!!!


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