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August 6, 2015 - NotImportant

Target Is A Horrible Employer

My name is Not Important. What is important is what I’m going to rant about. I just fucking hate Target, and the Managers feasting off their Red Cards. Those two months have been an example of hell and I’ve always wanted to give a manager there the bird. This is the time for ranting, and there is nothing Target can do for redemption. And I have many bad things about the red card. It is time for me to rant and it is time for for you to read. My anti-Target crusade begins here.

The red card is fucking pathetic. Target’s little team demands that you shove down those things in everyone’s throat. Those poor cashiers trying to sell those pieces of plastic since their job is held by gunpoint. Plus, you can be terminated if you don’t sell enough. I should know because I was a cashier at that god for saken place.

I thought that the red card was no big deal. I would be casual about it and if they say no, then it would make no big deal. That was what I thought. The management not only wants you to advertise the little shits, but to have sold one by a number of transactions. If I didn’t even get one, then they would remove me from the front. That can mean a different job in another department or termination. I was stressed now. The manager said to not worry if someone says no, but I do since for every no, I do get stressed out and have that feeling that I can get fired. Which lead to my technical termination.

According to them, they want me to shove that red card down everyone’s throat. Since I have no sales experience and the fact that Target will hold my job at gunpoint, I had to keep on asking. On my last day, I was told that I was receiving customer complaints, which is why I was terminated. I was never made aware of this and the guy didn’t know what said complaints were. So I don’t know what I did wrong.

Overall, Target is a horrible employer that doesn’t know how to treat or inform their employees right.







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  • tanya57 says:

    God this is so true. I have no sales experience and since not every person is a great sales person (I feel to be a good sales person you must be outgoing and smooth, unfortunately I'm introverted and this doesn't come naturally to me no matter how much I try) this job is completely unfair. It's gotten to the point where I beg family and friends to come in and sign up for one just so I don't get fired

  • viciousdave says:

    The team leaders are bogus a holes. Luckily for me I'm partially deaf so I get some freedom, but I use to hear regular before and I know what your talking about. Target is a bitch, so you didn't get enough of there credit card shit sold, ohh boo hoo! Target you fucking dumb asses, you don't need red cards at all, just more saving for people. Lets see here, Target makes over 1 billion dollars every single year! Target, that's enough money, you don't need more and more and more, and interest credit cards. Plus that, every red card you sell is a profit of bonus to store manager, and that's why store managers are super rich assholes!


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