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November 20, 2015 - IcantstandworkingatTarget

Target has forgotten why customer service consist of

I am a seasonal worker at T2056. I have several years of experience in customer (omg sorry guest) service. I started at T2056 aroubd the second week of Oct. 2015 and I must say this is the worst place to work for anyone who is expecting to advance. I have no experience in sale (clearly shows in my resume), but they are expecting me to sign thousands up for these stupid red cards that no one wants. My second week one of the TL thought it would be a good idea to place a spot dog on top of my register to get me “motivated” to sign people up for red cards. I told her it was insulting, and she said “oh no I wasn’t trying to insult you, you will get to take spot home with you if you sign one guest up in the next hour”. Bruh really!!!! I am not a two year old and I don’t work at a carnival, so just please stop!!!! After this happened I keep getting called into the office. One reason to pull me into the office was to tell me that I am not being fast and friendly with my guest. This is a bold face lie. I flat out told my TL that my “guest say other wise”. Which they do I always get compliments from them on how fast and nice I am. I use to work as a fast food manager and after I got married I was a grocery store manager. I am the only cashier who checks out, bags and loads my “guest” purchases in the cart for them (that’s the way it should be done, customers/guest should not feel obligated to bag groceries because T doesn’t have their cart people bag for cashiers. My register always say G oh unless I have to wait a long period of time for the TL to get their lazy asses over to my register. The second time I got pulled into the office was yesterday, it was suppose to be a follow up with the same TL asking me how everything’s ngm was going and how I thought training was. Of course u said fine, but please let it be know that the first day of training I trained along with another new guy. I had to help him do things on his register (prior grocery store experience). This guy said “thanks for helping, if you were not here I don’t know what I would do. Anyway this TL decides to also tell me that he and two other managers thought I was being fake when I help my customers. WTF!!! I am not fake I have taken many classes and have gone to several work seminars that teach you how to treat customers. Sorry that sounds like a personal issue and you will have to work that one out!!! T has lost focus on what really matters and that is how the customer feels when they come in and how they feel when they leave. Great customer service does not involve badgering them and making them feel annoyed. Most customers complain about cashiers asking them about the red cards, most have them and don’t even use them, thanks to the “breech”. I feel like a used car sales men pitching to them. I don’t believe in the red card thing, so maybe that’s where I come across as being fake, and repetive. Thank God I didn’t expect much from this company and I only seasonal. And FYI Taget your customers could care less if they are called guest lmao!!!


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  • TRock777 says:

    Treat you like children. Like you give any actual shit about taking a toy dog home...

    They do hula hoops at my store, and dress themselves up. So ridiculous.

  • Silverfox says:

    Just quit and spread the word. don't take target's crap. Eventually they'll be yesterday's news.

  • caligirl90 says:

    I believe it. I was called into the office as well but they just asked how things were going , is there anyone I wanna recognize? , but there was no criticism. I think they got a feeling I was unhappy but I am good at being politically correct. I posted about a month ago , you can read it. However I have left thank god ! And will be posting very soon my experience there ,how I left etc ! Stay tuned ! ^_^

  • MyNoDevice says:

    I've worked at Target 2 Months in Hardlines. HR training consisted of 3 Idiotic cartoons-fit for 1st graders.
    No instructions or training on the MY device because there are never any available . Same goes for a working Walkie-with a charge. LODs put you in A or B zone with high traffic and no equipment to do your job. I was called into the office for complaining about it - They wonder why their survey results say guest couldn't get the help the wanted. Here is why -they ask a question you have no device to answer if there are any in the back-excactly what Isle it's on -or if target sells it. Set Up for FAILURE in guest experience every day because of the MY no device problem. Yesterday a customer came up to me with a ceramic tea candle holder wanting to know if there was one in the back. At one point 5 target team members surrounded the lady -it took that many to come up with a device /Walkie that worked!

  • MyNoDevice says:

    I am so Happy I found this site!


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