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December 12, 2015 - redcardqueen


so I have been wanting to quit target for a long time, shitty customers and the red card bullshit was too much. I was a good person ¬†though and always got good surveys and was kind to everyone. I got fired today due to me not getting enough red cards… Has this happened to anyone else ? It was my first job so I’m really frustrated, I thought I was doing a good enough job. Any thoughts ?


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  • viciousdave says:

    My target doesn't fire anyone for not getting enough red cards. They just keep you and stay on your ass like stress ally. The only way to get fired is to not come in or not do your work. But anyways be glad, now your don't have to have the stress, the anxiety, the constant red card crap, not wearing the right clothes, do this faster, do that with that bag and than this plastic customer bullshit.

  • luna831 says:

    You had to do something you just don't get fired


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