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January 7, 2018 - NJ9696


I was hired seasonal on the spot for Stocking overnight. I told me them during the interview you can try me out anywhere in the store but the cash register is just not my thing at all they seemed very accomodating which I loved! I started work about a week before Halloween and during orientation I was told that we might be kept permanent if we don’t call out and perform well! I did all of that I never called out these 3 past months or left early!! I was scheduled everyday from 12am to 4:15 am but I wouldn’t leave the store until 8:30 am everyday!! If I saw a co worker of mine that needed help when I was going to leave and was finished with my work I would join in and help them finish the last of there pallet!! Sometimes they would bring out several pallets right before the store opened!! I worked really hard and made great friends with everyone!! I was so social and spoke to everyone in the store including some day team people and HR!! I thought I would have been solid on staying because I did everything that was possible! I was fast when stocking I was a pretty good employee I wasn’t perfect and no one is. However I really liked this job so it sucks for me. Okay, here is the weird part I checked my schedule a few days before Xmas because I wanted to make sure I was on the schedule so I checked it maybe the 25th of December and I saw my name on the calendar until the 8th of January! Which gave me some relief! Not really!! I get a call from HR saying not come in for a few days they are cutting 300 hours that was on the 28th! I didn’t have work for a week so I see my name isn’t on the following week as I come back after having those days off!! I’m not sure if they were iffy about keeping me and at the last minute they were like let’s just get rid of him ?? Idk this is bothering me! And they let me go this past Tuesday and I was still on the schedule!! They said I can re apply in April, like really ??? Plus they kept my other two friends that got hired as seasonal with me that would take forever to stock shelves and would sneak out of the store early so they wouldn’t have to help out any more and leave!!! This is soo wrong ! And when I went to pick up my last check I had to go to the HR office and I saw a room full of people getting interviews ???? Really??? I felt like crying and running out!! What did I do ?? Even HR was surprised that I was picking up my last check! There had a weird face like what’s going ?? I just need to vent this off my chest. The only other thing I can think of was that my ETL didn’t like the fact that I got along with everyone! And was very social!! Maybe that’s why ?? Idk


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  • viciousdave says:

    Yeah I think that's very wrong of them because at the target I worked at they always loved social people like crazy. I'm an introvert so my target never liked me but some of my co worker cashiers were nice and we got along good. Target fired me after 8 years because I was making failure as they said on selling red cards. It's like hard as hell to get people to say yes anyway. People usually just go no, no, I said no damn it. So really target is dumb that they fired a good worker like you. All they want these days are lazy people and butt kissers.

  • Silverfox says:

    be glad


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